The FBI went after a concentration camp survivor for a reason that will make your blood boil

The Biden administration has no shame in going after political opponents.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has used the DOJ to criminalize counter-narrative opinions and collude with Big Tech to muzzle Americans.

Now the FBI went after a concentration camp survivor for a reason that will make your blood boil.

The Supreme Court’s ruling in the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade sent the Democrats into a downward spiral.

Radical leftists lashed out in ludicrous ways, including firebombing crisis pregnancy centers.

Meanwhile, AG Merrick Garland has sicced the FBI on pro-Life sidewalk counselors outside of abortion mills.

Merrick Garland is out to get even with pro-Lifers for keeping him off the Supreme Court

Recently, 11 pro-Lifers were arrested for the bogus charge of violating the FACT Act, i.e. “engag[ing] in a conspiracy to prevent the clinic” from providing an abortion.

One of the pro-Lifers that was charged was Eva Edl, an 87-year-old concentration camp survivor.

In a previous YouTube video, Edl explained, “When I was nine years old during World War II, I was shipped in a cattle car to a death camp to be exterminated. I wish that good people would’ve placed their bodies across those train tracks and pleaded for our lives. Yes, church bells were ringing in nearby towns, but Christians were too afraid to take action. I know if only a few had done so, they would’ve been crushed and demonized, but if thousands had run to the scene, they could have shifted the culture. Abortion clinics are America’s death camps. Please go there to pray, plead for the lives of unborn babies and to give help to women in need. I believe with God’s help, we can still shift our culture to a culture of life again.”

YouTube “information panels” – not just for COVID-19 anymore

Edl’s video received a “context” label below it; this soft censorship began with COVID, but now it has branched out to all videos deemed “controversial.”

Edl’s comparison of abortion mills to concentration camps truly gets under the skin of the Left because they view abortion almost in religious terms.

Edl’s biography “She Looks Like My Little Girl” goes into detail about the persecution she faced as a young girl.

The biography reads, “The Soviets and the Nazis had begun the war as allies, but when Hitler invaded Russia and slaughtered millions of civilians, the Russian lust for vengeance ran hot…Hitler’s betrayal fueled a rage and a hatred against Germany that would flood Eastern Europe with the blood of the innocent and the cries of the violated for years. Eva Edl and her people were called Danube-Swabians; they were Yugoslavian by birth but German by heritage and language. The new communist government first dehumanized her people in the law. Then, empowered by the Grand Alliance, they unleashed a violent, genocidal campaign against Eva and her people…”

Edl’s disdain for abortion mills cannot be taken lightly.  She has a powerful story that the Abortion Lobby fears.

So the Democrats have no problem making an example out of her.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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