The Fake News Media is trying to hide one pro-Trump poll that could end them forever

The Fake News Media is entirely rigged against Donald Trump and his supporters.

But despite spending years trying to turn the American people against him, they are failing.

Now the Fake News Media is trying to hide one pro-Trump poll that could end them forever. 

Anti-Trump propaganda reached a fever pitch following January 6. 

When violence broke out, they blamed it all on Donald Trump, claiming that he incited an “insurrection.”

This is despite the fact that the violence was short-lived, committed by a tiny fraction of the people who showed up to see Trump speak in D.C., and that it didn’t amount to anything close to an “insurrection.”

Of course, they didn’t put that same blame on Democrats when cities burned for the entire summer of 2020 following the death of George Floyd. 

Their anti-Trump propaganda increased so much that left-wing Big Tech platforms began banning Trump, a sitting President, from their platforms. 

Twitter, Facebook, and many other Big Tech platforms completely banned him from using their platforms, severely limiting his ability to reach his supporters. 

The Fake News Media celebrated, claiming it was a win for democracy.

They were hoping that the American people would have their backs.

But as it turns out, new polls show that the American people do not stand with their decision.

A new Pew Research Center poll shows that the majority of Americans do not support the decision to ban Trump from social media platforms. 

The poll of 4,623 U.S. adults show that 50 percent of respondents think Trump “should NOT be banned permanently,” while 49 percent said that he “should be banned permanently.”

While the results largely go down party lines, they are more likely to be decided by the ideology held by the respondent. 

While 88 percent of Republicans, or Republican-leaning independents did not agree with the banning, 95 percent of conservative Republicans disagreed with the permanent ban, with 77 percent of moderate and liberal Republicans opposing the ban. 

On the other side, only 18 percent of Democrats oppose permanently banning Trump, with 14 percent of liberal Democrats in opposition, and 22 percent of moderate or conservative Democrats opposing him being banned. 

These respondents aren’t alone. 

Even some major left-wing figures have made their opposition to Trump’s ban known. 

Billionaire Bill Gates said Trump “probably should be allowed back on” social media, and socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders said he did not “feel comfortable” with Trump’s ban from social media.

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