The Fake News Media came after a conservative journalist for speaking this basic truth

The corporate-controlled media are Democrat operatives posing as journalists.

Their latest outrage crossed a red line.

And the Fake News Media came after a conservative journalist for speaking this basic truth.

Democrats are trying to inject their far-Left woke ideology into every facet of life.

Corporate-controlled media newsrooms have eagerly embraced and used their position to push wokeness on the public.

Gannett, the nation’s largest newspaper chain, dropped the hammer on a USA Today deputy editorial page editor David Mastio for the common-sense position that only women can get pregnant, The Daily Caller reported.

Common sense isn’t so common days for leftists obsessed with forcing their insane transgender ideology down everyone’s throats.

Mastio posted on social media, “People don’t get pregnant, but women do.”

A reporter for the paper covering the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) beat wrote a story for the paper on men getting pregnant.

Questioning this obvious insanity was now off limits at USA Today.

Mastio landed himself in more hot water for saying the idea that men can get pregnant was merely an “opinion” not a fact.

The leadership of USA Today went to Mastio demanding that he remove this “offensive” post from his social media because it was causing “pain” to LGBTQ reporters and activists at the paper.

He was threatened with his job if didn’t comply with the demands.

“Now, I have been an opinion journalist for 30 years — I thought I was authorized to have opinions,” Mastio explained. “The idea that women are the ones who get pregnant has gone from scientific fact to opinion to outright falsehood in the blink of an eye. Nevertheless, it remains my opinion that women get pregnant.”

The LGBTQ Employee Resource Group and the paper’s diversity committee demanded that he be fired for the remark.

Mastio was demoted from Deputy Editorial Page Editor and faced a $30,000 per year pay cut speaking this basic truth.

That wasn’t enough for the trans mob at USA Today who began pouring through his old columns to find violations against wokeness that could be used to threaten his job if crossed the line on transgenderism again.

Mastio has since left USA Today for another news website.

He slammed Gannett for purging conservatives at newspapers across the country and bowing to the woke mob.

“Gannett’s top editors and publishers are filling the company with a cadre of young college graduates who share a narrow “woke” ideology that is alien to the values of most of its readers. In a closely divided America, Gannett has a grand total of one local conservative staff columnist. There’s one conservative editorial page left in the network,” Mastio said.

He added that a diversity committee was allowed to edit or kill columns that ran afoul of their woke ideology.

Newspapers are a dying business.  They lose thousands of subscribers each year by ignoring their customers.

By bowing to a small minority of left-wing activists Gannett is destroying the company’s bottom line.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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