The Deep State undermined Trump with one move that will make you sick

Donald Trump exposed the depths of D.C. Swamp corruption.

He showed what happens if an outsider becomes president.

And the Deep State undermined Trump with one move that will make you sick.

In addition to battling the Democrats, Donald Trump had to battle RINOs in his own party, and Deep State actors in the bureaucracy —and even in his own administration.

His Presidency was undermined by constant leaks, investigations, and endless media hit pieces.

Also, Deep State actors simply refused to carry out his orders.

And the Department of Justice stonewalled Trump’s attempt to declassify documents related to Russiagate.

Just the News reported that “in the final hours of the Trump presidency, the U.S. Justice Department raised privacy concerns to thwart the release of hundreds of pages of documents that Donald Trump had declassified to expose FBI abuses during the Russia collusion probe, and the agency then defied a subsequent order to release the materials after redactions were made, according to interviews and documents. The previously untold story of how highly anticipated declassified material never became public is contained in a memo obtained by Just the News from the National Archives that was written by then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows just hours before Trump left office on noon of Jan. 20, 2021.”

The President can declassify whatever he wants, but apparently that did not apply to Trump.

This is what the Deep State looks like in action.

Unelected bureaucrats who believe they know better slow-walk orders, or outright defy them.

Just the News added that “the declassified documents included transcripts of intercepts made by the FBI of Trump aides, a declassified copy of the final FISA warrant approved by an intelligence court, and the tasking orders and debriefings of the two main confidential human sources, Christopher Steele and Stefan Halper, the bureau used to investigate whether Trump had colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election…The documents that Trump declassified never saw the light of day, even though they were lawfully declassified by Trump and the DOJ was instructed by the president though Meadows to expeditiously release them after redacting private information as necessary.”

Russiagate is arguably the greatest political scandal in contemporary history, and much of the American public still believes Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election because the truth is being blocked.

The establishment is desperate to keep Trump out of the White House because now he knows the dirty tricks that the Deep State and the intelligence community can use to subvert his actions.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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