The COVID regime is trying to bury deeply disturbing information

Joe Biden recently declared that the “pandemic is over.”

But there still has not been a reckoning on what the elites did to the world’s population for two years.

Now the COVID regime is trying to bury deeply disturbing information.

Even though Joe Biden said the pandemic was over, that’s not how the COVID regime is behaving.

Dr. Anthony Fauci and other so-called experts and world leaders continue to fearmonger about the virus.

However, the vaccine and the umpteen boosters are not producing the results that the medical establishment promised, especially against the Omicron variant.

Former NYT contributor continues to get suppressed after suing Twitter

Former New York Times contributor Alex Berenson, one of the people most instrumental in relaying accurate data about COVID, said that the mRNA vaccines are causing harm in some patients, and governments are quietly backing away from them.

Berenson wrote on Twitter, “The mRNA Covid vaccines are killing people, plain and simple. Best guess, they lead to about a 10% rise in non-Covid mortality and no reduction in Omicron deaths. This is Australian data, very clean because AUS had ~no Covid before vaccines; deaths are 17% above normal in 2022.”

Twitter marked his tweet as “misleading,” which is rich considering the platform temporarily suspended Berenson at the behest of The White House; he had to sue Twitter to get his account reinstated.

World governments want to move on — get distance from disturbing mRNA data by censoring

Berenson elaborated in a Substack article, “Only a few months ago, Australia had one of the world’s most aggressive coercion programs to force Covid vaccines on its people. Now Australia has essentially ended its Covid vaccination program for healthy adults under 50 – and effectively banned the shots for people under 30, unless they have severe chronic illnesses. With the change, Australia joins Denmark in curtailing its vaccine program for adults under 50. Last week, Norway went even further, saying no one under 65 should receive additional shots unless they were at underlying risk of a severe disease course (oddly, Norway kept its recommendation for pregnant women.) But Australia’s change is arguably the most striking, because Australian states put extraordinary pressure on their people to submit to Covid vaccinations last fall and winter.”

Not long ago, Australia and many other countries were effectively forcing shots into people’s arms.

Now they are scaling back their vaccination programs.

China, who is always eager to steal American technology, refused to administer the mRNA shots.

The bottom line is that people were coerced into taking a shot that may not have been right for them.

More data is coming out.

And as the COVID regime is easing up, it’s clear they want to avoid having to answer for what they did.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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