The corporate-controlled media just brought Chinese-style censorship to America with this shocking move

The corporate-controlled media is the communications wing of the radical Left.

They’re growing bolder under the Biden regime.

And they just brought Chinese-style censorship to America with this shocking move.

The 2022 Winter Olympics are underway in Beijing, China.

The Communist Chinese are trying to use them to score a propaganda win after all their bad PR.

Americans are simply ignoring the games this year with their ratings hitting 40 year lows.

Many Conservatives are boycotting the games after the communist government’s horrific behavior. 

Republican Congressman Michael Waltz of Florida has been a leading critic of the communist government.

Waltz has called the communist interment of the Uyghur population “the greatest and most disturbing, disgusting genocide since the Holocaust.”

With China front-and-center during the Olympics, Waltz sensed an opportunity to strike a blow against the Communists.

The Congressman produced a commercial calling out the Chinese government and the American companies who look the other way for a quick buck during the games.

The hard-hitting ad called the Olympics the “genocide games.”

It blasted Olympic sponsors Visa, Coca-Cola, Nike, AirBnb, Intel and Proctor and Gamble for their support of the communist dictators.

“Just outside the show, rape, genocide, slave labor — American companies are drunk on Chinese dollars – entangled with Communist dictators committing atrocities,” Waltz said in the ad highlighting the companies’ logos.

Some of these same companies were among those pandering to the “woke” social justice crowd screaming “racism” when republicans in Georgia passed a Voter ID law last year and pressured Major League Baseball to move the All Star Game out of Atlanta.

Their tune is different when it comes to China’s real oppression of minorities though.

NBA star and frequent China critic Enes Freedom appeared in the ad and encouraged people to put it down if it’s made in China.

Waltz, a retired Green Beret, isn’t one to back down from a fight but he never expected one from the corporate-controlled media.

The commercial was set to run on NBC during their coverage of the Olympics but they refused to run the ad.

NBC demanded removal of the corporate sponsor’s logos from the commercial because they violated NBC guidelines.

Waltz claims the ad doesn’t violate NBC corporate guidelines and won’t remove the logos.

The logos and hypocritical sponsorship were the point of the ad according to him.

He unloaded on the situation saying, “This was a non-rejection rejection. At the end of the day, NBC is doing the bidding of the Chinese Communist Party and all of these companies that preach social justice here at home are turning a blind eye to it.”

“At the end of the day, these companies like Nike, who get their cotton from western China, Coca-Cola that gets its sugar [there], are benefiting and profiting off of modern-day slavery. And again, we’re going to call out that hypocrisy in the American people in the wake of COVID are waking up to it,” he remarked.

NBC paid $12 billion to become the exclusive home of the Olympics.

It seems these companies are only interested in the “woke” version of social justice–because the real thing might hurt the bottom line.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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