The corporate-controlled media is pleading for Mark Zuckerberg to save Democrats with this infuriating move

Nancy Pelosi can always count on her allies in the media and Big Tech.

She needs all the help she can get.

Now, the corporate-controlled media is pleading for Mark Zuckerberg to save Democrats with this infuriating move 

Big Tech has become the communications wing of the Democrat party with their control over the digital town square.

They’ve stepped in to boost Democrats chances in elections by censoring information to help their allies in the party out.

In 2020, Big Tech helped to carry feeble Joe Biden over the finish line by ruthlessly censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story.

With the midterm elections approaching, they know they’re in big trouble.

After Joe Biden and Democrats took control of government, the country has gone down the tubes.

Americans have dealt with crisis after crisis from the terrible job Democrats have done running the country.

The midterm elections are going to be a referendum on Joe Biden’s failed leadership so the Left is panicking.

The New York Times published an article demanding that Big Tech do more to bail out Nancy Pelosi heading into the elections.

The liberal rag is furious because Big Tech companies like Facebook and Twitter may be scaling back their censorship efforts.

The Times reported that Big Tech has cut back on the number of censors working on “election misinformation” after 2020.

Misinformation is the latest liberal buzzword for any speech the Left doesn’t like painting the target for Big Tech censorship.

During the 2020 election, Facebook had more than 300 people across the company working on censoring so-called “election misinformation.”

Mark Zuckerberg regularly met with this censorship team to directly guide their 2020 efforts.

Now this censorship team has been reduced to 60 members.

After dealing directly with Zuckerberg, the group now reports to another lower-level executive.  

Four Facebook employees now claim that “safeguarding elections” is no longer a top priority for Zuckerberg.

The Times offered a bogus warning that this reduction in censors by Facebook “could have far-reaching consequences as faith in the U.S. electoral system reaches a brittle point.”

They nervously noted that dozens of pro-Trump conservatives are running on making election integrity a priority.

With Twitter’s pending sale to Elon Musk, the company has shifted some of its focus to other issues.

“Companies should be growing their efforts to get prepared to protect the integrity of elections for the next few years, not pulling back,” said Katie Harbath who formerly managed election policy at Facebook.

Twitter and Facebook responded to the New York Times that they’re still ready to censor misinformation for midterms.

Zuckerberg spokesman Tom Reynolds said Facebook is, “building teams and technologies and developing partnerships to take down manipulation campaigns … limit the spread of misinformation.”

Twitter spokesman Trenton Kennedy insisted the company was ready to “protect the integrity of election conversation.”

The New York Times knows Democrats are in big trouble this fall so they’re painting the target for another round of Big Tech censorship. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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