The corporate-controlled media is now barking at Facebook to do one thing that could ruin the company

Facebook is under intense pressure.

The company’s dubious practices are finally being questioned.

Now the corporate-controlled media is barking at Facebook to do one thing that could ruin the company.

The Wall Street Journal has rolled out its exposé titled “The Facebook Files” to devastating effect.

Facebook, along with other Big Tech giants, has been operating as a black box with little transparency regarding issues of free speech and psychological harm.

Now that people are asking questions, media outlets are calling on Facebook to release all of its internal documents regarding their self-evaluation on hot-button topics.

The Verge, a left-wing tech site, argued:

“For others [within Facebook], though, particularly those who have worked on research and integrity initiatives, the Facebook Files have been a welcome opportunity to discuss their greatest fear: that despite researchers’ most worrisome findings, Facebook lacks the organizational structure and leadership necessary to prevent it from causing a wide range of preventable harms.”

Some of the harms being discussed are the mental health stresses that social media put on children, particularly young girls.

Instagram, which was acquired by Facebook, acknowledged the potential harm being done to kids while simultaneously working on a version of the app for kids.

Social media companies design their sites to be addictive, so young, impressionable minds are being fed dopamine hits.

The Verge continued:

“Not only should Facebook commit to doing more research like the Facebook Files, it should release the Facebook Files, period. And not just the Instagram-related ones . . . Whatever documents the Journal relied on, Facebook should make them publicly available. Redact them as needed to protect users’ privacy, if need be. Add context, where context is missing.”

Facebook is loath to release the Facebook Files because they don’t want the public to see exactly how much executives know about the deleterious effects of their product.

In addition to the negative content issue, Facebook has a huge censorship problem.

The recently released Content Distribution Guidelines (CDGs) show how Facebook deceptively “deboosts” conservative and anti-establishment content on the platform in favor of legacy media.

There are so many questions that need to be asked about Big Tech, and the conversation is finally taking place.

One of the consequences of this bias is conservatives and libertarians have had their livelihoods threatened as a result of decreased visibility on the platform.

There’s probably much more buried in the Facebook Files, and inquiring minds want to know.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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