The Clinton-style surveillance scheme these Democrats just proposed will send shivers down your spine

There’s never a bridge too far for the Left – not when it comes to their own actions or those they approve of.

As long as it’s on the right side of their current narrative, nothing is off limits.

But the Clinton-style surveillance scheme these Democrats just proposed will send shivers down your spine.

Democrats decided to go to war against parents instead of listening to their concerns. 

Now, after seeing it backfire in one nationally-watched election already, radical Leftist teachers have a sickening new plan to undermine parents.

Leftists in Northern Virginia’s Fairfax County government are looking to hire someone to set up Clinton-style surveillance on parents who dare speak out against the radical indoctrination that’s being pushed on children.

It’s yet more of the political spying–straight out of the Clinton playbook–the Left is obsessed with.

A nonprofit group called Parents Defending Education reported that Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) is offering $200,000 for “Social Media Management Services” in order to “monitor social media threats, harassment, hate speech and bullying.”

So taxpayers are footing a bill for $200,000 in order to be spied on by some deranged leftists who think other people’s children belong to them.

The job would also entail “active listening” and monitoring “deep and dark web sources not visible through traditional search engines.”

The Social Media Management Services position would also include “classify aliases, usernames, emails, websites, etc…” 

The position would also need to, “visually identify relationships and connections between persons.”

In other words, Fairfax County wants to build a surveillance apparatus in order to go to war with parents.

This is already happening in a less sophisticated way.

In Loudoun County, concerned parents in a Facebook group were doxxed by leftists.

In Arizona, one activist school board member wrote down the license plate numbers of parents who attended a school board meeting.

Teachers and administrators want total control over students, and they’re not even shy about it.

Attorney General Merrick Garland even directed the FBI to monitor school board meetings at the behest of the National School Board Association (NSBA).

The Left wants to be able to pump their ideology into the heads of students nonstop, especially in the formative years and now they want to monitor what and who may be happening undermining government teachers’ indoctrination outside of the classroom.

But more parents are rejecting the nonsense.

Homeschooling rates have reached 11%, and the trend has not reversed as schools have opened up and COVID restrictions have rolled back.

Parents need to get their kids out of these indoctrination mills if at all possible.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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