The Capitol Police just received $2 billion in funding to start hunting down these supposed domestic terrorists

Democrats are doing everything in their power to monitor what the American people are saying and doing.

Of course, they present the idea of monitoring private text messages and censoring social media accounts as keeping people safe, but it’s really nothing more than a tactic to take away freedoms.

And the Capitol Police just received $2 billion in funding to start hunting down these supposed domestic terrorists.

When people hear “Capitol Police,” they don’t usually conjure up thoughts of crime-busting, swat gear-wearing, tough guys.  

Instead, it’s more of a vision of the people who stand around the Capitol entrances at the metal detectors and quickly usher elected officials in and out of events.

There certainly are Capitol Police Officers who do far more than that, but rarely does one think of them as law enforcement that would hunt suspected terrorists.

Until now.

The House passed a bill, on a party-line vote, to the tune of $1.9 billion that will “bolster Capitol security” in the wake of the January 6 riot.

What’s included in this “bolstering” of Capitol security?

Well, satellite offices in California and Florida, of course.

Why the Capitol Police need offices in California and Florida is anyone’s guess. 

Still, it is being reported that they will use the offices to “investigate threats to Members of Congress.”

Seems they could do that easily from their Washington, D.C. offices, but if Congress is going to throw money at them, they might as well use it.

The Capitol Police will also procure more riot gear, invest in “use-of-force training camps,” and provide “psychological trauma and stress” counseling for its officers.

All of this is just a cover-up for the fact that Democrats are asking the Capitol Police to surveil innocent Americans in the name of “safety.”

The Capitol Police is turning into just another wing of the NSA.

In a statement released by the Capitol Police, they, in fact, stated that the force aspires to move forward “along a new path towards an intelligence-based protection agency.”

Americans don’t need another domestic spy agency violating their rights and illegally listening in on every conversation they have for possible “domestic terrorist” code words.

This is another brazen attempt by the Left to take control, and it’s working.

The Capitol Police have a very clear mandate to guard the Capitol building – they don’t need to get into the business of hunting supposed “domestic terrorists.”

And much like the other government agencies snooping in every average Americans’ business, the Capitol Police will use some arbitrary guidelines that Biden and Pelosi cooked up to deem who is a threat and who is not a threat.

Innocent Americans will undoubtedly suffer if this new domestic “spy” organization has its way, and with the Democrats in power, they most certainly will.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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