The cancel mob was seething with rage after Morgan Wallen made this epic announcement

Cancel culture and wokeness are trying to take every aspect of life.

But they couldn’t take out one country music superstar. 

And the cancel mob was seething with rage after Morgan Wallen made this epic announcement.

Cancel culture is slowly creeping into every part of popular culture.

Country music was supposed to be one the bastions of traditional American values and conservatism in mainstream culture.

Nashville is being taken over by the major record labels that control the rest of the music industry.

And with that, Hollywood wokeness has started to creep into the country music scene.

Morgan Wallen is one of the biggest superstars in country music and he saw this startling transformation first hand.

Wallen was recorded after a late night of drinking with some of his friends using the “n-word” in jest.

It was clear that he wasn’t trying to be hateful towards anyone.

He apologized for his actions and donated money to black-related charities.

After that video was leaked, he was subjected to one of the most vicious cancellation attempts imaginable.

Of course, many of the same folks trying to cancel Wallen looked that other way when Hunter Biden used the same word.

Because Wallen is a conservative, Christian singer from rural Tennessee he was in the cancel mob’s crosshairs.

They went to work trying to erase Wallen and his music from existence.

Radio stations and streaming services pulled his songs despite being major hits.

His music videos were pulled off of TV and stores stopped carrying his CDs.

The corporate-controlled media suddenly took an interest in country music running numerous hit pieces against him.

His record label suspended him, his agent dropped him and former friends turned on him. 

He was hit with everything the cancel mob had to make him a pariah in Nashville.

Wallen was banned from attending major music awards shows despite being nominated for awards.

After being banned from the Billboard Music Awards last year, he came out a victor this year.

He brought home the award for the top male country artist.

Wallen thanked his fans who stood by him.

“I got the best damn fans,” Wallen said during his acceptance speech.

“Thank you to my momma for being my date tonight. I wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you to the Billboards for inviting me here,” he said.

Rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs, the host of the Billboard Music Awards addressed the controversy with Wallen.

“People make mistakes. Now we’re moving on with love and respect for everybody that was hurt or affected. It’s time to forgive,” Combs said.

This is the latest victory for Wallen in his attempt to beat the cancel mob.

His Dangerous: The Double Album won album of the year at the Academy of Country Music Awards earlier this year after being banned the previous year.

By standing strong against the cancel mob Morgan Wallen found the blueprint to beat cancel culture.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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