The Biden White House is praying no one sees the ugly truth just exposed by the regime’s top mouthpieces

Joe Biden’s foreign policy has been an utter disaster.

The botched withdrawal from Afghanistan only scratched the surface of his failure.

Now The Biden White House is praying no one sees the ugly truth just exposed by the regime’s top mouthpieces.

Joe Biden has created a calamity in Eastern Europe.

Jaw-dropping photo of MSNBC’s Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow exposed one ugly truth about Biden’s war in Ukraine 

Unlike Donald Trump, Biden failed to deter a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Biden even suggested that a “minor incursion” into Ukraine would not be met with much resistance from the United States.

Conversely, Trump drew a red line that Russian President Vladimir Putin knew not to cross.

Now the war has been raging for eight months, and the warmongers are in full-on propaganda mode.

One disturbing bit of war propaganda is the whitewashing of actual neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine.

The blue-checkmark brigade with Ukrainian flags in their bios claim that the bracelet does not contain a swastika, and it’s an optical illusion created by video compression.

Whether or not that’s true is irrelevant because there are confirmed Nazi fighting forces in Ukraine.

The Azov Battalion, Right Sector, and members of the Svoboda Party are all either outright Nazis or have strong Nazi sympathies.

The corporate-controlled press used to report on this constantly until it was time to sell Biden’s war in Ukraine to the American people.

The Gray Zone reported that “this September, a delegation of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi-led Azov movement arrived in the United States, at a time when myth making about the far-right network’s ‘depoliticization’ had reached a fever pitch. By this time, the New York Times had ceased referring to Azov as ‘openly neo-Nazi,’ and was referring to the ultra-nationalist organization as ‘celebrated.’”

Democrats constantly smear Republicans as Nazis, but when it comes to actual Nazis, the Democrats seem ho-hum.

Top Biden regime mouthpiece and MSNBC host Chris Hayes recently posted a picture of him and Rachel Maddow together, and people online quickly noticed a swastika on a print-out in the background.

Look, that’s real Nazi stuff behind them

Hayes explained, “[T]he pamphlet behind me, which indeed have a swastika on it, is an incredible anti-fascist pamphlet put together by an American christian minister to counter the work of the Christian Front fascist gang. Rachel printed it out from a digital archive for me because the first part of it is all about the anti-semitic menacing that fascist groups were doing in the Bronx in the late 1930s.”

If a Fox News host had a swastika on a pamphlet on his desk, the Left would not be so forgiving.

Nobody believes that Hayes is a Nazi, but he blindly supports the Democrat Party and its fascitic grip on Big Tech and online free speech.

And while he claims to be fighting fascists in America, he seems to be on board with Biden supporting them in Ukraine.

The media’s treatment of actual Nazis in Ukraine proves just how phony their attacks on Republicans are.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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