The Biden regime is showing what happens to anyone who agrees with Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis is one of the most impactful cultural fighters on the Right.

That’s why the Left hate him so much.

And the Biden regime is showing what happens to anyone who agrees with DeSantis.

The boldness of the “woke” activists has only gotten worse since Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education bill into law.

Now, biologist and Quillette Managing Editor Colin Wright has run afoul of the “woke” mob.

Wright had the audacity to join Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in challenging the Left’s radical theories about gender, and he was first run out of graduate school for doing so.

Now, Wright is having his livelihood directly impacted.

PayPal announced it would be severely limiting his account for no particular reason.

This has been a common tactic used by establishment players.

That is why right-wing commentators have had to find workarounds to combat the financial institution bottleneck.

The censorship has only escalated.

It began with booting people from Patreon for having the wrong views.

Then PayPal got in on the act, as did crowdfunding sites.

Now banks will deny service based on political ideology.

In Canada, fascistic Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tried to freeze the bank accounts of people who participated in the Trucker Convoy.

Etsy also summarily banned Wright, preventing him from selling merchandise on the online peer-2-peer retailing platform.

And Wright is not a conservative firebrand.

Like so many others, he was a center-Left liberal who became right-wing when the Left moved to the fringes.

Wright is the person who created the cartoon that Elon Musk tweeted to explain his political “evolution.”

The saga of Wright shows that the Left’s censorship will always broaden out.

It started with people that the mainstream was not willing to defend, such as Alex Jones.

Eventually, the then sitting President of the United States was simultaneously banned from all social media.

And if the President can get booted, then anyone can.

Now, the far-Left ideologues are just picking off influential voices one by one for no rhyme or season.

An undercover reporter for Project Veritas caught a senior engineer at Twitter to admit employees at the company were “commie as f*ck.”

Other companies also have a commie problem.

There’s no doubt that some far-left progressive working at PayPal is behind the censorship of Wright and other critics who are critical of the regime.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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