The Biden administration’s preferred fact-checkers just got terrible news

In a case of strange bedfellows, Big Tech is doing everything they can to prop up Big Media. 

However, the Left-wing partnership may not be working as well as they want. 

Because the Biden administration’s preferred fact-checkers just got terrible news.

In an alleged effort to combat so-called, “misinformation,” social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, selected a few supposedly “reliable” sources to fact check all political content posted on the sites. 

All of the “fact-checkers” have been approved by leftists like Mark Zuckerberg and the Biden administration. 

Among the select Left-wing groups are Snopes, Politifact and The Washington Post. 

WaPo has a dedicated fact-checking service on their website.

Run by long-time lefty “journalist,” Glenn Kessler, their slogan is, “The Truth Behind The Rhetoric.”

However, The Post’s fact-checking and all their “Pinocchio” tracking is nothing more than an excuse machine for Democrats and woke organizations. 

For example, Fox News has run several stories on WaPo’s poor record of getting facts right in their fact-checking report – like the below story about MAGA Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas. 

It seems on the rare occasion they fess up to one of their numerous unfactual “facts,” it’s way more than a day late and dollar short.

And despite being propped up by both the White House and Big Tech, The Washington Post is finding itself on uneven financial footing. 

The New York Times received documents detailing the fact that The Washington Post is expected to have a net-loss of money this year. 

According to Just the News, WaPo has lost about 3-million digital subscribers in just a year’s time. 

And the paper is also down 15% in ad revenue. 

In fact, Just the News is reporting the paper’s publisher, Fred Ryan, has floated the idea of laying off 10% of its employees.

But The Post is disputing The Times’ article, from Just the News: 

“A spokeswoman for the Washington paper disputed the Times’ interpretation of the documents, telling the newspaper that the Post was not planning for layoffs but would rather be making new hires and ‘exploring positions that should be repurposed to serve a larger, national and global audience.’”

WaPo would be joining many, if not most, other left-wing news publications in struggling financially. 

CNN, for example, has been performing so poorly, the new ownership team has been firing the channel’s most recognizable on-air talent, as it prepares to shift direction to more news and less opinion – or, at least, so they claim. 

In the business world, negative profits, declining revenues and an erosion of customers are often the first indicators that a company could soon be going out of business. 

However, The Washington Post is in a better position than most businesses. 

The Post is owned by Amazon founder and multibillionaire Jeff Bezos. 

If Bezos wants to continue his Citizen Kane-like dream of being a newspaper magnate, he has more than enough money to cover the losses and keep The Washington Post running as a quasi-not for profit organization.   

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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