The Biden administration just got some unbelievable help with skyrocketing gas prices from Mark Zuckerberg

Gas prices are high and it’s Joe Biden’s fault.

But don’t worry Joe Biden has friends to take care of that.

Because the Biden administration just got some unbelievable help with skyrocketing gas prices from Mark Zuckerberg.

Big Tech’s censorship game has been taken to a whole new level.

If it’s something that counters the current administration, it gets blocked.

And now Facebook doesn’t want you to know that gas prices are high and that it’s Joe Biden’s fault, so now they’re blocking this.

Facebook and YouTube have been working overtime to censor what they’re calling “misinformation” on anything from COVID to the supply chain crisis.

But earlier this week Facebook took the censorship a step further by trying to fact check a meme.

A meme circled the internet last week that placed blame for high gas prices on Joe Biden and Facebook wasn’t happy about it.

The social media platform even went as far as to cite a USA Today “fact check” to try and justify the censorship.

“Fact check: Rising gas prices due to high demand and low supply, not Biden’s policies,” a pop-up explained, with a link to the USA Today so-called fact check page.

Most Americans can easily deduce that high gas prices are due to the policies Joe Biden has implemented, but Facebook is still trying to tell people otherwise.

USA Today tried to explain that surging gas costs were a product of the post COVID demand outpacing supply met with an already upward trend.

“We rate FALSE the claim President Joe Biden is to blame for the current higher gas prices. The upward trend in gas costs we see now began months before Biden took office,” the article stated.

The article also stated, “our fact check work is supported in part by a grant from Facebook.”

There was a small rise in gas prices right before Biden took office but they were still far below what they were during much of 2019.

Had Biden not declared war on the oil industry on the first day of his presidency the spike in gas prices could have been avoided.

But Facebook doesn’t want you to think that because they don’t want you to realize just what a terrible president Joe Biden really is.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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