The Biden administration is calling for one unspeakable act of censorship that could fundamentally transform America

The fusion between Big Tech and the state is happening before our very eyes.

That spells bad news for the American people.

And the Biden administration is calling for one unspeakable act of censorship that could fundamentally transform America.

The Left is rapidly eroding the American culture of free speech.

Leftists’ justification for the curtailment of rights is always safety and harm reduction.

That’s how the Biden administration is selling its push for censorship on Big Tech platforms regarding COVID-19.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki suggested that anyone banned from one social media platform for “misinformation” should be banned from them all:

Psaki recently sent a chill down Americans’ spines when she admitted during a press briefing that the Biden administration was working with Facebook on stopping the dissemination of falsehoods on the platform.

There are two obvious problems.

First, Facebook becomes an extension of the state if it’s enacting company policy on behalf of the government.

That will only bolster Donald Trump’s lawsuit against the platform that summarily banned him after the Capitol Hill riot.

Second, the Biden administration – or any other administration – does not have final say in what is true and what is not.

Discussing the lab leak hypothesis was grounds for banishment from social media only a few months ago.

Now, even comedian Jon Stewart opined about it on Stephen Colbert’s late night talk show.

The corporate-controlled press already serves as the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

If Big Tech merges with the state, then the establishment will have the ability to shape discourse across all platforms.

This is the establishment’s response to Trump’s victory in 2016.

They don’t ever want an outsider to win the Presidency ever again, so freedom of speech and expression must be reined in as social media becomes the public square.

Trust in the media and government is in the gutter.

These naked grabs for power are not going to help win back the public.

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