Ted Cruz ripped Mayor Pete to shreds with one question

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Pete Buttigieg has had a disastrous run as Secretary of Transportation.

The reward for dropping out of the 2020 Democratic primary has turned into a millstone around his neck.

And Ted Cruz ripped Mayor Pete to shreds with one question.

Pete Buttigieg is the preferred presidential candidate of college-educated liberal white women, and pretty much nobody else.

Despite a strong push from the media in the 2020 primary, Buttigieg was going nowhere in the race and dropped out to clear the “moderate” lane for Joe Biden.

Buttigieg was given the job of Secretary of Transportation in the Biden administration, and his two-year tenure has been a disaster.

His response to the recent train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio was a public relations disaster, and prior to that, he went on two-month paid paternity leave in the middle of a supply chain snarl.

“What in the hell does Pete Buttigieg have to do to get fired?”

Buttigieg’s failures prompted Texas Senator Ted Cruz to ask, “What in the hell does Pete Buttigieg have to do to get fired?”

If Mayor Pete envisions himself as a presidential hopeful, he may need to temper those expectations at this point.

During a recent episode of “The Verdict with Ted Cruz,” the senator unloaded on Buttigieg and the Biden administration.

Cruz said, “Look, it is ridiculous that Joe Biden has not been to East Palestine yet. You literally have an American city with a major derailment that was on fire, where the water is being poisoned, where the air is being poisoned, where it’s ongoing for multiple days, and this administration does not give a damn. Why? Because that part of the state voted 70% for Donald Trump. And it’s clear their attitude.”

It’s hard to argue with Cruz, especially because Biden has zero plans to visit East Palestine.

Donald Trump visited, and he was given a warm reception.

Cruz added, “Look, it’s all politics all the time. It’s all communications and PR all the time. And so going there is a bad message. And it really is striking. So, Donald Trump publicly said he was gonna go to East Palestine. And promptly the Biden administration said, ‘Ooh, we’ll go too now yeah.’”

The administration sent Mayor Pete, and he completely fell on his face.

After being asked one question, Buttigieg responded, “Sorry, I lost my train of thought,” which was a poor choice of words given the circumstances.

Cruz continued, “And let me ask you a question. What in the hell does Pete Buttigieg have to do to get fired? Like, in the history of this country, has there ever been a transportation secretary who has screwed more things up? From in his first year in office, a supply chain crisis that impacted the entire country that made it hard to get basics and essentials?”

Buttigieg just might be finished as a credible national candidate.

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