Ted Cruz is calling out Coca-Cola for trying to memory hole this ugly partnership

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Coca-Cola has such a long and rich history as one of the biggest companies in the United States, it’s almost like Americana in a can.

However, like most major corporations, Coke has turned its back on everyday Americans and has been virtue signaling to appease the radical Left.

But now Ted Cruz has exposed Coca-Cola for attempting to memory hole a partnership that just doesn’t go down smoothly.

History of Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter became a political movement in 2014, after a black high school graduate in Missouri named Michael Brown robbed a convenience store.

The 6’4” nearly 300 lb man, beat the shop worker and tried to grab the gun of a responding police officer.

Officer Darren Wilson defended his own life by killing Brown – a grand jury, a federal investigation, and even a black Democrat prosecutor from St. Louis all independently investigated the incident and found Wilson acted appropriately.

This despite Big Media backing the BLM “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative that Brown had his hands up when he was shot, when all evidence indicated Brown never said or did.

But none of that stopped BLM movement supporters from violently rioting.

The protests and demands continued and a formal Black Lives Matter non-profit launched.

And then in 2020, in the midst of the global pandemic, career criminal George Floyd – high out of his mind – resisted arrest and unfortunately died while being detained by Officer Derek Chauvin in the infamous incident in Minneapolis.

Despite a Minnesota jury bowing to violent threats and convicting Chauvin, BLM supporters ignored COVID restrictions, hit the streets, and rioted to the tune of tens of millions of dollars in property damage. There were hundreds of arrests for violent crimes and the murders of at least 25 people.

But the so-called journalists in corporate-controlled media defended BLM, calling the riots, “mostly peaceful protests.”

And Big Media also echoed the group’s call to “Defund the Police.”

Democrat politicians kowtowed to the angry mob and not only repeated the “Defund the Police” refrain, but actually did just that in city after city nationwide.

Today a violent crime wave is still sweeping across the country in part because of it, along with the lax prosecution policies from George Soros-funded District Attorneys.

BLM paints woke corporations into a corner

But BLM took things to another level with a since deleted tweet supporting the Hamas terrorist attacks against Israel.

BLM Chicago’s stated support of a terrorist group in the wake of Hamas kidnapping, raping, and killing Israeli women and children was a bridge too far for some of the woke mega corporations that have funded their efforts.

And now, some of these massive conglomerates are trying to take back their BLM support under a cloak of secrets and darkness.

They want Americans to forget that they gave moral and financial support to BLM groups – while at the same time they’re trying to avoid the cancel culture mob that will come after any business that doesn’t bend the knee to BLM.

It turns out, Coca-Cola is one of those companies.

Cruz vs. Coke

On his Podcast, The Verdict, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas exposed Coca-Cola’s attempt to memory-hole its massive financial support of BLM.

He then followed up with receipts on Twitter.

“Caught red-handed,” Cruz tweeted. “Coca-Cola deletes its support for BLM. One screenshot is of Coca-Cola’s website before BLM supported Hamas parachuting into a concert to kill Israeli civilians. The other is from this morning. Editing your website is not enough. Americans demand an apology.”

As you can see in the conflicting images in Cruz’ tweets, the beverage giant launched “The Give Back” program to give money to black communities to fight supposed “racial injustice” and to combat the COVID19 pandemic.

In the original website posting, they brag about Coke brand Sprite donating $500,000 to the Black Lives Matter Global Network to “support the group’s voting education efforts and their February 2021 Black Future Month program.”

In other words, they gave BLM a half million dollars to drive Democrat votes in urban areas.

However, following the BLM fallout over the organization’s crass tweet expressing support seemingly for Hamas terrorists, Coke removed the line about its generous contribution to the hateful group.

Now that Cruz has exposed Coke’s devious ways, only time will tell if soda sell-outs apologize to Americans for its dubious actions.

But in the meantime, BLM evidently knew the heat its corporate partners would be getting, and BLM Chicago quickly took down the ugly tweet.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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