Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito was harassed in a way that will enrage you

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Democrats are furious that they no longer have a liberal tilt on the Supreme Court.

That has caused them to lash out in absurd ways.

And Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito was harassed in a way that will enrage you.

Democrats once revered the Supreme Court.

They viewed it as a vehicle for social change.

If the Left could not get a bill passed, they would rely on the Supreme Court behaving like a super-legislature and handing down sweeping laws for the entire country.

But the current Supreme Court has a conservative lean at the moment, which means for leftists that the Court is very, very bad now.

Democrats don’t like the Supreme Court anymore

Democrats and their media allies have become hysterical about attacking Supreme Court justices, and their animosity has spilled out into the real world.

Clarence Thomas has been the target of endless hit pieces, but now Samuel Alito is being put through the wringer.

The Alitos have been pilloried for flying an upside-down American flag at their suburban home, and an “Appeal to Heaven” flag outside their summer home in New Jersey.

These incidents happened in the past, but the Democrat-controlled media are dredging them up in a clumsy attempt to connect Alito with January 6 and “stop the steal” rallies.

The upside-down American flag, a distress signal, was flown with regard to an ugly spat between Alito’s wife Martha-Ann and far-left neighbors.

Neighbors from hell

Emily Baden and her boyfriend, who were living at Emily’s mother’s home, posted signs at the house with the intent to antagonize Republicans.

Emily posted a sign that read “F*** Trump,” which even her mother Barbara, the homeowner, found “tacky.”

Emily and her boyfriend were the perfect avatars for “the Resistance.”

They attended a Black Lives Matter rally, and adopted a “pandemic puppy.”

She refused to take down the vulgar sign even after Martha-Ann Alito said that she found it offensive.

After January 6, the 35-year-old Baden put up a sign that read “You Are Complicit.” 

On the day of Biden’s inauguration, Baden and her then-boyfriend drove to the Alitos’ home.

The New York Times reported that “Ms. Baden and her then-boyfriend decided to drive past the Alito home. ‘There was a part of me that’s like, let’s see what’s going on,’ Ms. Baden said. Mrs. Alito happened to be standing outside. According to interviews with Ms. Baden and her husband, as well as messages they sent to friends at the time, Mrs. Alito ran toward their car and yelled something they did not understand. The couple continued driving, they said, and as they passed the Alito home again to exit the cul-de-sac, Mrs. Alito appeared to spit toward the vehicle.”

The Times amazingly tried to portray the couple as the victims after they drove to the Alitos’ home.

And if the spitting incident is true, it’s hard to imagine that the woman who put up a “F*** Trump” sign and a “You Are Complicit” sign did not instigate.

The Times added that Baden and her then-boyfriend, “still shaken by the Capitol riot, said the encounter left them feeling uneasy and outmatched by the wife of someone so powerful.”

Now picture MAGA supporters driving by Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s home, and imagine what the media response would be.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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