Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh just got targeted again by the far-Left

Shameless Democrats put Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh through hell during his Senate confirmation hearing.

Radical leftists showed up at his home following the decision to overturn Roe and one tried to take him out.

Now Kavanaugh just got targeted again by the far-Left.

Hollywood liberals and the Democrats scratch each other’s backs.

That’s why Nancy Pelosi will get invited on a television show and receive fawning praise.

Meanwhile, when Rudy Giuliani appeared on Fox’s The Mask Singer, co-host Ken Jeong walked off the set in protest.

At this point, Hollywood exists to promote the ideas of the Left.

The latest example is the documentary film Justice, which continues the character assassination of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Big-time Director Doug Liman, who directed The Bourne Identity, self-funded the project to pick up where Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation left off.

Liman followed up on the dubious anonymous tips that rolled in after Christine Blasey Ford came forward with her 35-year-old sexual assault allegations.

The film gives much oxygen to Deborah Ramirez, who came forward after Ford and accused Kavanaugh of exposing his genitals to her at a party his freshman year at Yale.

Ramirez initially said she didn’t remember the encounter, but confirmed it in her mind after talking with a friend who reminded her of the incident as well as her therapist.

Bourne director’s Kavanaugh documentary includes more crazy anonymous accusations that the FBI dismissed

The most “explosive” moment of the documentary came when it revealed the FBI didn’t follow up on a tip from Max Stier, another Yale student, who claimed that a separate woman told him about Kavanaugh’s exploits 35 years prior.

In other words, decades-old hearsay is the film’s smoking gun.

Stier’s tip was one of 4,500 that the FBI received.

Either Kavanaugh is the Genghis Khan of sexual harassment, or the FBI received an interminable amount of bogus allegations.

Other allegations against Kavanaugh that got middling press attention were ignored after the fact pattern did not line up.

People in Arizona, Rhode Island, and other states across the country magically had stories of Kavanaugh sexual assault.

Perhaps the most despicable allegations came from a woman named Julie Swetnick, who was represented by “creepy porn lawyer” Michael Avenatti, who’s currently in prison for fraud.

NBC News even put Swetnick on the air and allowed her to accuse Kavanaugh of hosting gang rape parties.

Democrats were desperate to stop Kavanaugh from being confirmed because he was a critical swing vote on the court with moderate John Paul Stevens retiring.

Liman admitted the film hadn’t received any blowback, then comically said during a Q&A session at the Sundance Film Festival, “The machinery that’s put into place against anyone that speaks up…we knew that machinery would be turned on us…The film wouldn’t have been shown at Sundance, there would have been an injunction.”

It’s laughable to think that a film slandering a Republican Supreme Court appointee would be “canceled” by left-wing gatekeepers.

The only “machinery” that Litman’s film appears to have mobilized are the rabid left-wing activists who are now back in front of the Kavanaugh family home.

It’s hard to view chanting “cut his time short” as just some slogan, considering the last time leftists swarmed the Justice’s home, a man with a gun was arrested and admitted he intended to kill Kavanaugh.

Of course, Liman and his ilk know that.

The Democrats couldn’t stop Kavanaugh from getting on the Supreme Court and they couldn’t stop him from voting to overturn Roe v. Wade and sending questions on abortion back to the states, so now they’re using Hollywood to smear him and poison the historical record for future generations.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas got the exact same treatment.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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