Streaming services are engaging in one act that will send a shiver down your spine

Establishment propaganda is everywhere.

But it’s not just what people are allowed to see; it’s also what people are not allowed to see.

And streaming services are engaging in one act that will send a shiver down your spine.

The big sell of society becoming more digital is convenience, but the downside is that it’s much easier to alter historical records.

Book burning a la Fahrenheit 451 is no longer necessary when books can be digitally burned.

For example, Heritage Foundation scholar Ryan T. Anderson’s book When Harry Became Sally was banned from Amazon, the largest bookseller in the world.

In terms of influencing culture, films can be digitally altered, too.

Star Wars creator George Lucas notoriously made digital changes to the original films that infuriated fans, then he refused to release the unaltered versions in the highest quality available.

Only fans who had the original VHS or LaserDisc versions could see the original trilogy without the dumb digital changes.

Now classic movie posters are being digitally altered for ridiculous reasons.

HBO Max is editing movie posters on the platform to remove images of characters smoking.

Breitbart film and culture commentator John Nolte wrote, “On HBO Max’s streaming menu, classic movie posters are frequently used to identify the title available to the subscriber…[I]n some cases, the same streaming service that offers scenes of rape, sodomy, and torture porn is photoshopping out tobacco use. The most egregious example is McCabe and Mrs. Miller, Robert Altman’s 1971 masterpiece. In the iconic poster, star Warren Beatty holds a lit cigarillo. Can’t have that. So the anti-art Nazis at HBO Max have apparently used photoshop to erase the cigarillo and the smoke. What remains is bizarre: Beatty awkwardly holding up two fingers for no reason.”

Anything goes in Hollywood except for holding up a cigarette, which is a bizarre place to draw the line.

Nolte added, “A mere 16 years ago, a video store chain called CleanFlicks purchased copies of movies and removed stuff like the sex, violence, and vulgar language. So all CleanFlicks did was edit copies it legally owned. Once that was [done], those censored copies were rented to Mormon customers who would not have watched the unedited versions. Hollywood sued CleanFlicks right out of business. Well, look at Hollywood now: censoring, disappearing, and purging its own art. Hollywood used to ridicule the Moral Majority, to decry McCarthyism and censorship. Now the industry is either so scared or so warped and broken; they’re doing all these un-American things to their very own product.”

So taking out sex and depravity was bad; that needed to stay.

But cigarettes are just a bridge too far.

Digitally editing movie posters is a sign that leftists are eating themselves.

This is always what happens when radicals take over.

Today’s radicals must purge yesterday’s radicals because they weren’t radical enough.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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