Steve Forbes uttered three harsh words that have Twitter executives sweating buckets

If conservative stories aren’t censored, leftists know their whole house of cards could fall.

But their plans to keep conservatives muzzled just slammed into a brick wall.

Because Steve Forbes just uttered three harsh words that have Twitter executives sweating buckets.

Democrats and their Big Tech pals are hell-bent on stopping Elon Musk’s free-speech plans to takeover Twitter.

But Steve Forbes has news about Musks’ chances of success.

Elon seems bound and determined to make Twitter great again. 

And the new details behind his highly-anticipated, “Plan B” have Twitter executives and board members fearing for their futures. 

First, Elon Musk became the largest stakeholder in Twitter and was offered a spot on the Big Tech conglomerate’s board. 

Then, Twitter let it be known Trump wasn’t coming back on the platform and Musk wouldn’t have much say over the direction of the company. 

So, Musk rejected the offer to join the board and instead making an offer of his own – to buy the company outright. 

The Tesla founder offered well above market rate. 

However, Twitter’s Board is more interested in advancing a woke political agenda than it is in making money – so they countered with a poison pill to try and make it nearly impossible for Musk to buy the company outright. 

But, the richest man in the world has now reported his “Plan B.” 

It’s clear Musk still wants to buy Twitter and make it a private company – but he’s upped his offer to $46.5-Billion and says he has the money lined up. 

$21-Billion will come directly out of Musk’s bank account. 

The remaining $25.5-Billion is from financing from several banks, the largest of which is Morgan Stanley. 

Musk is putting up $12.5-Billion in margin loans of his Tesla shares to back the financing. 

But there is one more important aspect of “Plan B.” 

Musk is considering going around the board completely, and buying the stock directly from shareholders through a tender offer, which he hinted at on Twitter last Saturday. 

A tender offer may be difficult, as Musk would have to buy large sums of shares. 

But former Presidential candidate Steve Forbes just delivered some harsh news about that to Twitter executives.

“Musk’s takeover is doable,” Forbes wrote in an op-ed on Fox Business.

And not only is it “doable,” Forbes believes it will be done, no matter what the establishment elites do to try and stop him.

“Of course the Empire is striking back, with Twitter adopting a “poison pill” anti-takeover strategy that would dilute the value of their stock if Musk acquires more than 15 percent of the company. This is a hoot given the Twitter board’s embarrassingly microscopic ownership of shares. Musk asserts he has already come up with a “Plan B” to circumvent that. If necessary he will go to “Plan Z” to achieve his goal,”  the former Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes wrote.

Along with Musk, the four other highest stakeholders in Twitter are Vanguard, Morgan Stanley, BlackRock and State Street. 

It helps Musk’s efforts that Morgan Stanley is on board with his “Plan B” offer.

However, Vangaurd, BlackRock and State Street are three of the largest asset management firms in the world and have a long history of working towards one-world, Leftists ends. 

Musk, while far from a conservative, has been vocal in his opposition to Twitter’s history of censorship – including the de-platforming of then-sitting President Donald Trump, the suspension of the Babylon Bee and the cover-up of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal – just to name a few. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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