Special needs student was insulted by a “woke” teacher for a reason that will have you steaming

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K-12 education has been under a heavy spotlight since the COVID pandemic.

Parents slowly realized what their kids were being taught in schools.

And one special needs student was insulted by a “woke” teacher for a reason that will have you steaming.

A special needs student at Glendale High School in Los Angeles was allegedly called a “bigot” by her teacher for objecting to LBGTQ+ school curricula.

Marina Vivar exempted her daughter Thelma Gonzalez from being taught “anything LGBTQ+ or about sexual acts which were gay in nature” during a course on health and relationships, but Vivar claims that her wish was not honored.

According to Fox News, Gonzalez “was taught about sex acts such as scissoring” during the health class.

Vivar took her complaints to the Glendale City Council after the school said that the teacher did not engage in wrongdoing.

Vivar told the council that when her daughter said that she did not belong in the class, her daughter was called a “bigot, intolerant and homophobic.”

Gonzalez told the city council, “My teachers were going to send me to the principal office when I told them that it was against my beliefs and that I felt uncomfortable.”

Mom gave City Councilmembers an earful after daughter reportedly smeared as “bigot, intolerant and homophobic” by teacher

However, Glendale High Principal Benjamin Wolf conducted an investigation and sided with the teacher.

Glendale High Communications Director Kristine Nam told Fox News, “The lesson Ms. Vivar is referencing was a general lesson from the health textbook about making healthy decisions in your relationships. The teacher did ask Ms. Vivar’s daughter to refrain from making inappropriate remarks in response to a reference to LGBTQ+ relationships…We have investigated the interaction and have not found any evidence that inappropriate remarks were used by the teacher. We will continue to thoroughly investigate.”

In a separate incident, Gonzalez said she felt uncomfortable undressing in gym class because a male teacher was allegedly present.

Gonzalez said, “I once got in trouble in the girls’ locker room because I did not dress down in front of other people…There are male teachers inside the girls’ locker room talking to Ms. Lewis. Her office [which is inside the locker room] has her door open and there are male teachers inside her office…I never wanted to see that, that’s why I don’t dress out to P.E. I was scared, I was terrified, because I was afraid of an adult male staring at me while I was changing. That’s why I don’t change.”

Nam said that Gonzalez’s description was “inaccurate.”

Nevertheless, Vivar and Gonzalez are echoing concerns felt by parents around the country who are furious over policies pushed by “woke” teachers and administrators.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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