Special Counsel in Biden docs case got totally humiliated after this outlet printed his words

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Joe Biden was cleared in his classified documents scandal.

But that was the beginning of his problems.

And the Special Counsel in Biden’s docs case got totally humiliated after this outlet printed his words.

The Babylon Bee has far surpassed The Onion as the most culturally relevant satire site on the internet.

Several of The Bee’s stories have come true because the Left has gone off the rails.

The comedy almost writes itself.

And The Bee skewered Joe Biden after Special Counsel Robert Hur recommended that Biden should not be prosecuted for mishandling classified documents because he is a forgetful old man.

The Bee captured Hur’s jaw-dropping conclusion with the headline: “Man Ruled Too Senile To Stand Trial Still Fine To Run Country.”

The Bee’s satirical treatment included Hur’s fictional words to reporters in a fictional press conference.

The Bee wrote:

“I mean, seriously, have you seen that guy?” said Hur to reporters. “I tried to ask him questions and he attempted to put my notepad in his mouth. The dude is totally zonked out for sure. I mean, we all knew this, right?”

In spite of the report detailing Biden’s late-stage dementia, the Special Counsel confirmed Biden is just fine to continue running the country. “Oh yeah, that’s no problem,” he said. “You heard the Press Secretary. He’s so active and alert no one can keep up with him! Impressive!”

Satirical story highlights the underlying truths from a very real – very troubling – report from the Special Counsel about Biden’s mental faculties 

News of Biden’s exoneration turned from joy to panic among Democrats when Hur’s findings were released.

Hur’s report said that FBI agents found materials in “the garage, offices, and basement den in Mr. Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, home.” 

Biden shared documents with his ghostwriter even though he said that he did not.

CNN reported that even though “the investigation revealed that Biden ‘willfully retained and disclosed classified materials’ after leaving office, Hur’s report says his team concluded that the evidence didn’t support prosecuting the president. The primary reason for that determination was that nothing proved a willful intent by Biden to illegally hold onto classified information. The special counsel also raised Biden’s age and memory in explaining why he didn’t bring charges.”

Perhaps the most damning part of the report was that Biden could not recall when his son Beau died.

Biden attempted to quell concerns about his memory by calling a press conference, but things only went from bad to worse for him.

Biden missed a key detail trying to cover for forgetting Beau’s death

Biden said, “I know there’s some attention paid to some language in the report about my recollection of events. There’s even a reference that I don’t remember when my son died. How in the hell dare he raise that? Frankly, when I was asked the question, I thought to myself it wasn’t any of their damn business. Let me tell you something. Some of you have commented — I wear, since the day he died, every single day, the rosary he got from our Lady of…”

Biden could not remember where he got the rosary.

The Democrats have been attempting to ignore Biden’s failing health, but Hur’s report and the disastrous press conference have sounded the alarm bells.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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