Some of the Biden DOJ’s deadliest goons just got exposed for bone-chilling violations on American citizens

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Joe Biden has weaponized the Department of Justice against his political opponents.

The most obvious example is the persecution of Donald Trump.

But some of the Biden DOJ’s deadliest goons just got exposed for bone-chilling violations on American citizens.

And Biden’s DOJ is cracking down on Constitutional rights in one infuriating way.

Biden’s DOJ is cracking down on Constitutional rights in one infuriating way

Barack Obama used the executive branch to go after his political adversaries in creative ways.

For instance, his IRS targeted conservative nonprofit organizations.

Many have argued that Joe Biden’s Presidency is essentially Obama 3.0, and it’s hard to argue with that considering the administration’s use of the DOJ as a battering ram.

The Department of Justice’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) has been going after licensed gun dealers in ways that not even the Obama administration did.

Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris represented the most anti-Second Amendment ticket in presidential campaign history, and they have not disappointed the gun grabbers in their coalition.

Disarmed populations are compliant

Biden’s ATF has been aggressive in pulling licenses from gun dealers over minor violations.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the ATF “has revoked the licenses of 122 gun dealers in the fiscal year that began in October, up from 90 for all last fiscal year and 27 in 2021. Previously, ATF issued warnings to many firearms dealers for legal violations, in part because they are a valuable source of tips on suspicious gun buyers. The Trump and Obama administrations never revoked more than 81 dealers’ licenses annually since at least 2013, the earliest year for which data are available. Gun-store owners complain that the federal government is taking away their livelihoods over paperwork errors.”

In response, gun dealers have filed lawsuits and signaled that they will stop notifying the feds about suspicious gun purchasers because they view the crackdown as politically motivated.

Retired deputy assistant director, Peter Forcelli told the Journal, “The gun dealers were our first line of defense against gun trafficking. Why are we now beating an ally into submission?”

Gutting the Second Amendment through the backdoor

The Biden administration seems more intent on punishing responsible gun owners than tracking down bad actors.

Anthony Navarro, a gun dealer who lost his license, explained, “We were making $1 million a year, now it’s less than $100,000…This policy is designed to be a backdoor violation of the Second Amendment.”

Criminals won’t be disarmed, only law-abiding gun owners

In addition to the crackdown on licensed dealers, credit card companies have been applying pressure to gun manufacturers and sellers at the behest of the anti-gun Left.

Democrats will not stop chipping away at the Second Amendment.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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