Shortages are starting to hit the U.S. hard making many stores look like they belong in the USSR

If you’re thinking the U.S. doesn’t look like the place it did just a few years ago, you’re right.

The radical left-wing agenda pushed by Biden and his Democrat allies have made the country look like a shell of its former self.

And now shortages are starting to hit the U.S. hard, making many stores look like they belong in the USSR.

Stores across the country are facing empty shelves and staff shortages.

The stores with some reliable employees are watching them get burned out from the long hours covering where they can.

Some establishments have had to cut hours because of a lack of supply and staff.

This isn’t the America many of us are accustomed to.

People tell stories of hardware stores being entirely out of basic plumbing fittings or pharmacies that are so short-staffed that the wait for a prescription is well over 45 minutes.

Many employers and producers attribute the shortages to the aftereffects of the tyrannical lockdowns, government handouts that pay people to sit on their couches, and now vaccine mandates causing many to walk out of their jobs.

CNN has reported on shortages of new cars because of a lack of computer chips.

Simple everyday items like coffee and school supplies are in high demand because stores can’t get a hold of them.

Americans are being gouged at the pump because of Biden’s ridiculous policies, and the problems won’t end anytime soon.

This will likely last long into 2022, if not longer.

“Making matters worse, the costs of shipping containers are drastically rising — three to 10 times higher than pre-COVID — due to demand. Small importers and retailers face limited availability as some larger retailers are pre-buying space on the containers in anticipation of the holidays. For retailers, the bad news is they have to buy more product so they don’t run out, but the ‘good news is they can charge more,” reported Newsday.

People and companies are stockpiling supply, which is, of course, causing shortages elsewhere.

Then, of course, there are those who “know someone” maybe in a seedy part of the industry, so now black markets are being created so people can get a hold of very simple products.

This is precisely what happened in the USSR.

Now, blue state politicians are putting in vaccination requirements and passports to enter businesses.

The end goal for the vaccine passport is to become a comprehensive social credit system.

If you’re not vaccinated, you don’t get access to jobs, schools, or even grocery stores.

And while it may start with the COVID vaccine, it will quickly expand from there.

These are the ways of communist countries like the former USSR and modern-day China.

America must turn around now before it’s too late.

These are warning signs that the country is headed down a dangerous path.

It’s no longer just the “conspiracy theorists” or your crazy Uncle ranting over Thanksgiving dinner about America turning into a communist nation.

It is now an undeniable reality.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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