Sen. Intelligence Committee chair Mark Warner made a bone-chilling threat that got him instantly torched by Tucker Carlson

The war in Ukraine continues to rage.

Democrat politicians have scary plans for the conflict.

But Sen. Intelligence Committee chair Mark Warner made a bone-chilling threat that got him instantly torched by Tucker Carlson.

Democrats are blatantly trying to use the war in Ukraine for their political advantage.

That’s no surprise.

But scarily, they look hellbent on using it to silence American citizens.

Online censorship has ramped up considerably over the past few years.

Conservatives and a handful of counter-narrative liberals have been booted from social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

But a major escalation happened when Donald Trump was booted from every single major social media site.

And the reasons for the top-down censorship keep changing.

First it was hate speech, then election disinformation, then COVID misinformation, and now it’s Russian propaganda.

Virginia Senator Mark Warner let the cat out of the bag as he’s leading the charge to get social media platforms to crack down in light of the war in Ukraine.

The New York Times reported that, “Senator Mark Warner, Democrat of Virginia who is chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, sent a letter to Meta, Reddit, Telegram and others, urging them to not let Russian entities use their platforms to sow confusion about the war.”

That might seem harmless enough, but there are serious problems.

First, it’s unclear who gets to decide what’s true and what isn’t, especially during the fog of war.

But more importantly, this will undoubtedly lead to mission creep.

“Russian propaganda” could be interpreted as anyone who opposes U.S. intervention in Ukraine.

Warner sat for an interview with Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, who asked the senator:

“You sent letters on Friday to our leading social media companies—Meta, which runs Facebook, Alphabet, Reddit—asking them to take action to prevent Russian state media, Russian propaganda operations from appearing on their platforms…Have you received any responses yet to your request that they take that action?”

Warner assured Ignatius that Big Tech was already taking action.

He replied, “The short answer is yes. Virtually every one of these platforms has taken down some of the Russian activity or demonetized—so they’re not making money off of RT or Russian ads—real-time during the platforms. That’s good. I commend these platforms.”

Democrats have foolishly argued folks like Fox News host Tucker Carlson spreads pro-Vladimir Putin propaganda.

Under Warner’s broad definition of Russian propaganda, social media companies could justify blocking Carlson’s commentary, or anything similar.

But Carlson isn’t ready to take Democrats’ bone-chilling censorship moves lying down.

Carlson exposed Warner and the Democrats’ schemes to silence patriotic Americans on show earlier this week, saying, “you should be very aware that there are partisan forces trying to use the war in Ukraine to accomplish political objectives here domestically and gain more power for themselves. It’s not just about voting rights or shutting down Fox News.”

“It’s about shutting you up personally, your ability to express yourself and if you doubt that, you should know that . . . Warner is not talking about banning Russian state media. He’s talking about banning Russian propaganda, a term that he gets to define. He’s talking about censoring the opinions of Americans,” Carlson concluded.

The 2020 election and COVID proved to Americans that these Big Tech oligarchs are willing to silence people for a lot less.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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