Selena Gomez is under fire for one jaw-dropping reason

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The Left’s outrage mob is coming increasingly unhinged.

They’re determined to control the script in popular culture.

And now Selena Gomez is under fire for one jaw-dropping reason.

Ever since Hamas rained down bullets on a music festival in the Gaza Strip, the political Left has revealed its strong support for the Palestinian Terrorist organization.

Now actress Selena Gomez announced she’s leaving social media, over a firestorm of criticism.

And these days it seems leftist trolls have gone from shutting down anyone exercising free speech to going after them for what they don’t say.

In Gomez’s case, Democrats are melting down over Gomez’s failure to take sides on the war in the Middle East—and of course they want her to come down on the side of Hamas terrorists.

“We need to protect ALL people, especially children and stop the violence for good,” Gomez wrote in a post on X. “I’m sorry if my words will never be enough for everyone or a hashtag. I just can’t stand by innocent people getting hurt. That’s what makes me sick.”

Appealing to humanity doesn’t go over well the authoritarian speech mob

She then posted an older picture of her much younger sister, to drive home the point about children killed in the fighting.

“Having a sister, everyday has made me tragically sick. I would do anything for children and innocent lives,” she added.

Thousands of children have been killed in the conflict already.

However, while reports have indicated Israeli officials are working to process the remains of entire families killed by terrorists, a simple Google search reveals the corporate-controlled press and big tech’s bias toward playing up the deaths of Palestinian children while virtually ignoring the other side of the fight.

And as Gomez discovered, even making so bland (and glaringly obvious) a statement as to say that the death of any child is horrific is enough to infuriate the Left.

X user @dolchiie tore into the celebrity complaining that Gomez “can’t even defend Palestine. You take a ‘neutral’ stance to save face.”

Another user, qamar, griped, “Being neutral while knowing all the fact is just like you are supporting the oppressors.”

Yet another bold member of the comments section was ready to send the actress on a guilt trip over her decision not to speak out more.

“She has over a billion dollars,” Screen Wizard posted. “I’m sure she can do much more than share a few words so yea her words are not enough, her post won’t do any good but her money can.”

If some of these leftists had their way, they’d not only control every word that comes out of our mouths but also control every other aspect of our lives.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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