Sean Hannity just exposed Joe Biden’s Islamic terrorist secret and he’s furious

Joe Biden’s time in the White House isn’t going the way he was hoping.

He is a scandal or two away from being forced to resign.

And Sean Hannity just exposed Joe Biden’s Islamic secret and he’s furious.

Over the past few decades, the U.S. has made a lot of mistakes overseas.

But with most of those failures, it is difficult to place blame on one person.

That just isn’t true in the case of Joe Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal.

The monumental failure can be placed squarely at the feet of Biden.

And, as Sean Hannity stated in a brutal segment on his Fox News show, it is the worst foreign policy failure in his lifetime.

“This is the worst foreign policy crisis in my lifetime, certainly one of the worst in American history,” Hannity said. “The only thing we do know right now is that thousands of innocent souls, our fellow Americans have been left stranded, trapped, held hostage behind enemy lines unable to even get inside the airport in Kabul.”

He continued, “For Biden to put America in such a position of weakness, to put Americans in such a vulnerable position – it’s an unforgivable dereliction of duty.”

Hannity went on, explaining, “All of this was completely preventable. He won’t even commit to keeping American forces on the ground past the original deadline. The Taliban are clear. They are not willing to go beyond that deadline, they want the U.S. gone and apparently they are calling all the shots.”

The Fox News host went on to talk about just how much U.S. equipment Biden handed the Taliban through his disastrous actions:

“Taliban fighters are now marching in the streets wearing American gear carrying American weapons that Joe left behind. As a matter of fact, the estimates are now $85 billion worth of guns, ammunition, 40 aircraft including black hawk helicopters . . . all in the hands of terrorists.”

He concluded by shining a light on “our fellow Americans have been left stranded” while Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki lies about it.

“How would she feel if she was stuck there?” Hannity responded to her statement before urging Biden to call the situation what it is: “A horrific crisis, no end in sight.”

Sean Hannity is just saying what is on everybody’s mind.
Even those on the Left can’t excuse just how badly Biden is failing.

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