Sean Hannity destroyed Joe Biden’s life with this reality check about his U.N. speech

America has become a laughingstock under the “leadership” of Joe Biden.

That was proven with his disastrous speech in front of the United Nations.

And Sean Hannity’s reality check about Biden’s United Nations speech destroyed his life.

Joe Biden can’t help but lie.

In his frail state, he may not even realize he’s lying.

This is proven by his response to the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

While the initial failure was bad enough, he has only made things worse, with ISIS-K bombings killing U.S. service members and U.S. missile strikes killing civilians.

Yet, when he spoke in front of the United Nations this week, he did everything to try to downplay that failure.

But as Sean Hannity pointed out, that attempt merely made him look “tired, weak, and frail” on the world stage.

“Joe Biden has allowed this entire country to be humiliated on the world stage” after that “national embarrassment,” Hannity said. “America’s back? No. America is falling apart with one humiliating disaster after another.”

The Fox News host further blasted Biden for ignoring the public health and national security crisis at the U.S. border with Mexico, as thousands of migrants are flooding across the border.

“Seven months into this crisis Joe Biden is making a solemn promise to get the border under control,” said Hannity, before adding that “border czar Kamala Harris is apparently more interested in vilifying Border Patrol officers who are trying to protect our country amid a complete breakdown of law and order that Biden’s policies caused.”

Hannity concluded his point by asking how anybody can believe Biden will get the border under control when he has yet to follow through on any other promise.

“Just like you promised to stay in Afghanistan until all Americans are out? Just like you promised not to abandon our Afghan allies? Just like you promised to get COVID-19 under control? Just like you promised not to mandate vaccines? Just like you promised to unite the country? Just like you promised that America would be respected on the world stage?” Hannity asked.

“Joe Biden is so dishonest and morally corrupt that he makes Bill Clinton look like Honest Abe.”

Hannity hits the nail right on the head.

Joe Biden has failed time and time again.

And trying to claim that he won’t do the same, while ignoring all his failures in front of the United Nations shows the world just what a horrible state our country is in under Biden’s leadership.

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