SCOTUS leaker’s identity could be close one emerging trend suggests

The Permanent Washington Deep State made clear in the Ukraine whistleblower hoax against Donald Trump that some names are never to be uttered publicly – let alone officially acknowledged.

But Americans could be close to learning another “name that must not be spoken.” 

And an emerging trend may be the biggest hint yet about the Supreme Court leaker’s identity.

Radical leftists have swallowed universities whole.

And now even professional fields like law and medicine have been infested.

Now a recent trend seen with graduates of one far-Left law school may offer the key to the identity of the SCOTUS leaker.

Why are federal court judges refusing clerks?

Conservatives and center-Left liberals ignored the rise of far-Left radicalism on college campuses for decades.

The idea was that the fringe concepts would be relegated to “woke” disciplines like gender studies.

But now the insane ideas have not only spread to every corner of the university, they have escaped into the real world.

Ivy Leagues have been the training grounds for tomorrow’s elite class for centuries, and now the ivies are arguably the worst propagators of far-Left nonsense.

Yale Law in particular has developed a terrible reputation for being totalitarian Left, so much so that U.S. Appeals Court judge James Ho recently said he would no longer be hiring law clerks from Yale.

And now other judges are following in his footsteps.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that “a dozen federal judges say they are no longer hiring clerks from Yale Law School, citing a slew of scandals that they say have undermined free speech and intellectual diversity. In addition to Fifth Circuit judge James Ho…12 federal judges—both circuit and district court jurists—told the Washington Free Beacon they are joining the boycott.”

Yale Law has recently been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Students have used the heckler’s veto to shut down visitors from the conservative Federalist Society and engaged in other Stalinist tactics.

In light of the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in the Dobbs case, one Yale law student wrote in chalk on the sidewalk, “We are the law, not your f*cking court.”

Speculation judges are quietly giving hints that SCOTUS leaker went to Yale

The mania at Yale Law has led some to speculate that a Yalie could have been the clerk who leaked Samuel Alito’s draft opinion in the Dobbs case which overturned Roe v Wade.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the most far-Left jurist on the Court, is a Yale Law grad, so it’s not hard to imagine that one of her clerks from Yale could have been the culprit.

It’s also quite ridiculous that the leaker has not been caught and punished – at least as far the public knows – and probably never will be at this point.

Nevertheless, a prominent circuit court judge explained to The Free Beacon, “Students should be mindful that they will face diminished opportunities if they go to Yale…I have no confidence that they’re being taught anything.”

That is a damning indictment of one of the top-ranked law schools in the country.

Ivy League institutions are gambling with their credibility.

If they allow “woke” politics to damage their brand too significantly, people will stop automatically showing deference to schools like Yale and Harvard and Princeton.

Once people stop believing in the prestige, the prestige goes away.

Yale would do well to rein in its students before even more judges join in on the boycott.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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