SCOTUS has freedom and firearms-loving business owners on pins and needles with a case threatening multiple amendments

Sunira Moses, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The radical Left has made it clear that they will seek and destroy anybody who steps in the way of their agenda.

The evidence suggests any individual or organization could be subject to cancellation or even legal retribution at a moment’s notice if many leftists had their way.

And now SCOTUS has freedom and firearms-loving business owners on pins and needles with a case threatening multiple amendments.

The Left has declared war on advocacy organizations they don’t like

Nonprofit issue advocacy groups are an integral part of America’s political system.

The truth is, nothing moves in Washington unless it is pushed, making the work of these organizations vitally important when it comes to advancing all of the issues you care about.

When it comes to the gun rights lobby, the National Rifle Association has long been touted by politicians in both parties for their big spending ways.

Have you seen Wayne LaPierre’s wardrobe?

And while some say the group gets more credit than is due by the gun grabbers, Washington, D.C. GOP establishment politicians hold them out as easy to work with and able to cover for them should they back a so-called “deal” on gun rights like the Manchin-Toomey catastrophe not so long ago.

Of course millions of card-carrying members often simply look for their endorsement, so it’s no wonder.

Nevertheless, the radical Left claims to loathe the NRA and certainly wouldn’t mind seeing the group dismantle them – though wayward leaders in the organization have been accused of nearly doing that themselves, after putting the group on the verge of bankruptcy in recent years.

Nevertheless, New York State lawmakers allegedly used their influence to pressure businesses to stop conducting business with the NRA, even threatening to de-bank certain companies and individuals for their support of the NRA.

Now, the Supreme Court of the United States has announced that it would hear oral arguments on the basis that New York officials violated the group’s First Amendment rights.

In the case titled NRA v. Vullo, the NRA claims that the state of New York restricted their ability to exercise free speech by coercing their supporters to not conduct business with them.

Although this case is still ongoing, many legal experts predict that this case will have a major impact on the future of not just the NRA but advocacy groups, conservative individuals and businesses, and free speech itself – all of which have been in the crosshairs of the Left for quite some time.

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