Scandalous DA Fani Willis’s Trump witch hunt just took a turn for the worse


Donald Trump is under constant assault from the Left.

But the Democrats do not have their own house in order.

And scandalous District Attorney Fani Willis’s Trump witch hunt just took a turn for the worse.

Democrats were counting on Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to bring down Donald Trump with her election fraud indictments.

But now, Willis is the one in legal hot water.

Willis was engaged in a sexual relationship with attorney Nathan Wade, whom she brought on to prosecute the Trump case, despite having never tried a criminal case before and certainly nothing of this magnitude.

Wade also used payments to go on Royal Caribbean cruises with Willis.

Republican Governor Brian Kemp refused to launch an investigation into Willis’s alleged misconduct, reasoning that an oversight committee was needed.

And now the Georgia Senate is set to impanel a committee with subpoena power to look into the allegations against Willis.

Where Kemp won’t, Georgia Senators will

The Senate resolution called for the creation of the Senate Special Committee on Investigations in order “to provide for the issuance of compulsory process to secure the attendance of witnesses or the production of documents and materials.”

So stonewalling the investigation by refusing to comply would not work.

The Senate resolution also stated that “Fani Willis, district attorney for the Atlanta Judicial Circuit, which comprises Fulton County, has been accused of various forms of misconduct relating to the prosecution of cases related to the 2020 Presidential Election.”

The resolution listed the most serious allegations against Willis, namely, using public funds improperly.

Probe could ensnare President, leaving the Democrat caught with his pants at his ankles

The oversight investigation would assuredly delve into Willis and Wade’s White House meetings with Biden’s White House counsel prior to the Trump charges. 

The document added, “alleged misconduct includes the ongoing expenditure of significant public funds for the purpose of hiring a special assistant district attorney with whom District Attorney Willis had, and may yet have an ongoing romantic relationship; and, such relationship, if proven to exist, would constitute a clear conflict of interest and a fraud upon the taxpayers of Fulton County and the State of Georgia.”

The allegation of collusion with the Biden Administration is particularly serious because it taints the court case against Trump.

The White House meetings make it look like Trump is being targeted because he is the leader of the opposition party.

Willis had hoped to undermine the scandal by issuing a political sermon at a church, but things have only gotten worse for her since.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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