Rush Limbaugh would kick through his coffin over what just happened with one of his replacements

Rush Limbaugh was a huge football fan.

And never holding back, he always spoke his mind.

So Rush Limbaugh would kick through his coffin over what just happened with his replacement and Outkick founder Clay Travis.

Twitter censors and bans conservatives for any flimsy pretense.

With Democrat’s enormous failures they’re doubling down on protecting the left.

And they muzzled Clay Travis for this absurd reason.

Clay Travis is one the leaders of the next generation of conservative media personalities.

He built his Outkick brand into a smash hit sports talk radio show with a leading online presence.

Although he was initially a “stick to sports” guy he became a leader in battling the “woke movement” in culture.

He parlayed this success into taking over Rush Limbaugh’s old radio spot on hundreds of stations with the Clay and Buck Show.

One of his most passionate issues has been fighting the totalitarian response to COVID.

He helped broker a call between Donald Trump and the Big 10 that brought the conference back to the college football playing field in 2020.

As the pandemic has dragged on he’s blasted the fear and overreactions that keeps Americans from getting back to normal.

Now, Twitter censored him for making a common sense observation about masks.

In his tweet he said, “The data is quite clear … Masks do nothing.”

He continued, “They are cosmetic theater for the fearful who don’t look at the data.”

“Continuing to argue they do is anti-science,” he added.

At the end of the tweet was a link to a New York Times chart with the per capita COVID rates for the past two weeks.

The chart showed that an open state like Florida had fewer per capita cases than mask and lockdown crazy California.

Travis’ daring to question the Blue State and Fauci narrative led Twitter to put the tweet into a restricted state keeping a user from commenting, liking or retweeting it.

The tweet also added a link to the “health officials’” narrative on COVID. 

Travis blasted the move in a follow up tweet saying, “Bow down before your tech overlords who will no longer allowed this tweet to be shared and have locked comments.”

“Although I do find it interesting that sharing a link to NYT covid data with my opinion on what the data shows isn’t possible to share,” he added.

This is Twitter’s latest attempt to muzzle anyone standing up against masks.

Clay’s radio partner Buck Sexton compared cloth masks to a medieval superstition in a tweet that also ended up in a Twitter jail.

As the mask and lockdown frenzy pushed by the left continues to look like a failure, Twitter will have to work overtime to uphold their narrative.  

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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