Rush Limbaugh replacement Dan Bongino just stepped up in a huge way to stop a dangerous threat to the country

The Left spent years trying to get Rush Limbaugh taken off the airwaves.

But he thrived and left behind a legacy of conservative voices to continue the fight.

And Rush Limbaugh replacement Dan Bongino just stepped up in a huge way to stop a dangerous threat to the country.

Radio host Dan Bongino is in the middle of a war with Big Tech.

He was booted from Google-owned YouTube for no good reason at all, but it hasn’t stopped him from thriving.

Bongino has even more subscribers on YouTube competitor Rumble.

And Bongino announced on Twitter that he was removing Google Ads from his website.

Bongino tweeted:

“We have permanently banned @GoogleAds from our website, They will not be allowed to return. @Google is an existential threat to freedom and liberty.”

Google is notorious for privacy violations regarding the accumulation and distribution of consumer data.

For example, tech reporters have shown that web browser Google Chrome are far more likely to track user data with cookies.

Google claimed that they dropped Bongino instead of vice versa.

The company said in a statement:

“We have strict publisher policies in place that explicitly prohibit misleading and harmful content around the COVID-19 pandemic and demonstrably false claims about our elections…When publishers persistently breach our policies we stop serving Google ads on their sites. Publishers can always appeal a decision once they have addressed any violating content.”

Considering Bongino has more subscribers on Rumble than he had on YouTube, it seems more likely that he was fine cutting bait with Google.

Google and other Big Tech giants are ramping up their censorship efforts by hitting people in their wallets.

When straight-forward censorship works, the establishment goes after banks, payment processors like PayPal, and advertising revenue.

Meanwhile, the corporate press uses social stigmatization to pressure employers to do the bidding of the establishment.

However, Bongino has become cancel–proof, which makes him a bigger threat to the elites.

Not only can they not shut him up, they can’t stop people from seeking out his content.

Rumble is quickly emerging as a significant threat to YouTube.

The company also acquired Locals, which functions as an alternative to a Facebook group.

Locals personalities can host their own platforms without being silenced, unlike Facebook groups, which have become increasingly susceptible to censorship.

Counter-narrative companies have been tasked with building an entirely new internet infrastructure, and that’s precisely what they’re doing.

Once the payment processing bottleneck has been completely solved, the establishment will have no control over counter-narrative opinions.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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