Rural Americans are stunned after the unthinkable happened to a local news outlet

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The sad truth is that many Americans are losing faith in the American legal justice system.

Prominent politicians abuse it to achieve their political goals, often at the expense of law-abiding Americans.

But Rural Americans are stunned after the unthinkable happened to a local news outlet.

This puzzling case out of Kansas City has grabbed headlines across the nation

Most Americans would agree that America’s criminal justice system is deeply flawed.

The fundamental concept of blind justice now seems like a relic of history, and the legal system instead now serves as a political weapon, especially for the Joe Biden administration.

But in Marion County, Kansas, law enforcement officials crossed a line with an independent local paper that has garnered attention as an attack on the First Amendment.

Just last Friday, Marion’s entire police force (all five officers and two sheriff deputies) raided a local newspaper’s office, the Marion County Record, seizing computers, cell phones, and other communication devices.

Understandably, this raid sent shockwaves across the community, and many are asking why such a dramatic raid occurred.

Now the New York Post is reporting the raid came after the small-town paper went after the local police chief over sexual misconduct claims alleged against Marion Police Chief Gideon Cody during his time on the Kansas City, Missouri police force.

The Marion police department at first claimed that the raid occurred due to the local newspaper allegedly naming a confidential informant who is part of an ongoing case.

However, a closer look at this case reveals something a bit more sinister.

In addition to the new reports about sexual misconduct allegations regarding the police chief, it was first reported the raid followed the paper publishing an article about a local restaurant owner.

The restaurant owner, a woman named Kari Newell had been under fire for reportedly chasing away reporters during a political event, and allegedly working her connections to silence that story.

The owner of the Marion County Record, Eric Meyer, is furious about this raid, claiming that it is a direct assault on his First Amendment rights.

Police officers claim that they have a valid search warrant for this raid, however, Meyer is not entirely convinced by these claims.

News outlets across the nation are picking up this story from the small community of Marion, KS, as it represents an allegedly overt attack on independent local journalism.

The First Amendment means nothing to many law enforcement officials

Whether it is the Department of Justice or the Marion County Police Department, it appears to many Americans that the First Amendment is under attack.

Just last week, the Joe Biden administration faced public criticism for defending their alleged use of coercion to silence their political enemies on social media platforms.

From the top down, the First Amendment has become nothing more than a mild suggestion to the government, at the expense of American citizens.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates on this ongoing story.

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