Rumble made a game-changing announcement that will have Big Tech executives crying in their lattes

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The original purpose of social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook was to promote free speech among friends and colleagues.

However, in recent years a number of new social media platforms have popped up after these major platforms abused their power to silence their political enemies, sometimes at the bequest of the government.

But now Rumble has made a game-changing announcement that will have Big Tech executives crying in their lattes.

Rumble’s latest move will put them front and center this election cycle

Although the 2024 general elections are still well over a year away, the 2024 election cycle is as chaotic as ever.

So far, over a dozen people have declared candidacy for the Republican nomination for the upcoming presidential election, and three candidates have declared their candidacy on the Democrat side.

In spite of this already crowded field, most polls indicate that a Donald Trump versus Joe Biden rematch is the likely scenario, however, Trump’s Republican foes still have plenty of time to make their case to voters.

What better place to do so than the upcoming Republican Party debates, the first of which is scheduled for August 23, 2023. The second debate is subsequently scheduled for September 27, 2023.

And in a move that has upset some Big Tech CEO’s, these first top GOP debates will be live-streamed on Rumble, which was established in 2013.

Rumble really took off following YouTube’s and Google’s alleged censorship of conservative voices such as Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Tucker Carlson among others.

Rumble has since received major investments from Peter Thiel and others, to help transform it into a leading social media platform.

In response to Rumble’s deal with the GOP regarding the upcoming debates, Rumble Chairman and CEO Chris Pavlovski said, “Rumble is excited to be the exclusive live-streaming partner of the RNC for the second Republican primary debate. We look forward to continuing to build an online home for debate, on a stage that we promise will remain free from censorship and Big Tech bias.”

Big Tech will keep bleeding users if they do not adapt quickly

Much like other companies that have gone “woke”, many Big Tech platforms are losing droves of users due to their support of the radical left.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Big tech platforms like Facebook and Google allegedly worked with the Joe Biden administration to silence conservative voices.

Alienating 50% of the nation is not a smart business move, and many business experts agree that if platforms like Facebook and Google do not adapt their ways, then the future will not be bright for them.

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