Ron DeSantis just took a stand against a disturbing new Democrat trend

Donald Trump exposed most of the RINOs.

As a result, strong Republicans are emerging from the fire.

Now, Ron DeSantis just took a stand against a disturbing new Democrat trend.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues to show leadership in the face of insane actions undertaken by the Left.

He took a lot of guff from Democrats for promoting and signing the Parental Rights in Education bill, which blocks public school employees from engaging in classroom discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade.

Countless far-Left teachers and their social media confessionals where they admit to indoctrinating their students prove that DeSantis was right to take action.

Now, DeSantis is leading the charge against the scourge of “woke” banking, a disturbing trend that has emerged.

Democrats and globalists have turned to corporations to enforce their worldview on the rest of society.

And DeSantis is doing his part to put a stop to it.

During a recent press conference, DeSantis explained, “Last week Tina Descovich, Co-Founder of Moms for Liberty, shared that PayPal locked their account and withheld funds with no warning or justification,…In a day and age of canceled culture, where parental-rights groups are being designated as domestic terrorists by our own United States Department of Justice, the cancellation of our financing by major organizations just seems like the next step in these draconian policies…Days after our event, their funds were released…Florida has put WOKE banking on notice.”

PayPal is just one of the payment processing services that have enforced leftist views.

Crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe have blocked campaigns for causes the Left don’t like, such as bail or Jose Alba, the bodega employee in New York who was arrested for murder for defending himself with a knife after an unhinged customer came behind the counter and attacked him.

Alba was eventually let go amid pressure from city residents, but bail campaigns for criminals considered sympathetic by the Left have been allowed to stay up.

In addition to PayPal and GoFundMe, Patreon and Stripe have also both banned users for ideological reasons.

Some people have been flat-out de-banked because of their political views.

Moms for Liberty, which was founded in 2020 in response to the discovery of neo-Marxist garbage like Critical Race Theory being taught in school, has quickly become a target of the Left because of their involvement in school board politics.

The Left have long been virtually unopposed regarding school boards, so they freaked out when parents started showing up and pushing back.

Democrats even sicced the FBI on parents showing up to school board meetings.

One Moms for Liberty slogan reads, “We do not co-parent with the government.”

Sadly, that has become a controversial opinion in 2022 because Democrats truly believe they are entitled to kids’ minds.

DeSantis said during the presser, “Whether it’s Wall Street banks, whether it’s massive major asset managers, whether it’s Big Tech companies and what you’ve seen as you’ve seen a rise of something called ESG — environment, social governance where they will grade different companies based on how they’re performing on those metrics…PayPal happens to be among companies embracing that, promoting what has been described as a ‘values-led culture, which is grounded in Inclusion, Innovation, Collaboration and Wellness across our communities, workforce and strategies.”

DeSantis has had enough of Democrats and globalists pulling the strings at the detriment of local citizens.

“Woke” banking needs to be nipped in the bud now before it spirals out of control.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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