Riley Gaines has a new BFF after this former ESPN host took a shot at the network’s biggest fail

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Disney-owned ESPN jumped on the woke bandwagon in a big way.

Now in the fallout, Riley Gaines may have just gained a new BFF.

Now this former ESPN host has joined Riley Gaines in calling out one of the biggest sports disasters ever.

Last year, 12 time All-American swimmer Riley Gaines faced off against Lia Thomas—a biological male who switched genders mid-college career—during the NCAA Women’s Swimming Championship.

Even though the two tied—right down to the hundredth of a second—Gaines says officials told her they had to give the trophy to Thomas.

According to Gaines, that moment became her “call to action – to defend and protect America’s daughters against the woke left and their gender-denying ideology.”

Gaines has since become an advocate for female athletes—gaining the ire of the politically powerful transgender community.

Now she’s getting backed up by a familiar face in the sports world.

Former ESPN reporter Charly Arnolt is speaking out about her former employer’s off-based coverage of Lia Thomas.

According to Fox News, “ESPN’s controversial coverage of Lia Thomas has not only turned away viewers, but its top talent, too.”

Ironic Fox Report: ESPN turns off viewers and top talent

Arnolt says the way ESPN recently created a tribute to Lia Thomas flies in the face of internal policy the network’s employees are supposed to abide by.

“The whole issue is that ESPN always makes such a big deal about keeping politics out of programming. And then yet during Women’s Month, they found it appropriate to air a one-minute-long tribute about biological male swimmer Lia Thomas, which I just found to be very hypocritical,” Arnolt explained during an interview on Fox News’ Varney & Co.

Describing the whole fiasco as a “slap in the face” Arnolt pointed out that women everywhere should be insulted.

“And as a woman, quite frankly, a huge slap in the face that during Women’s Month, when there are so many incredible female athletes to be celebrated, they turn to the most controversial figure in sports right now, Lia Thomas — a man — to be celebrated.”

Varney confirmed what conservative sports fans have long complained about: as part of the Disney family, ESPN has transitioned from a premiere sports network focused on doing its job well to yet another foot soldier in the Left’s assault on anything resembling traditional values.

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