Republicans are out for blood in Michigan as new information comes out about Governor Whitmer’s trip to Florida

Michigan was in shock after they discovered that Governor Whitmer left the state for the sunny shores of Florida during her own lockdown.

She claimed it was related to family reasons and wasn’t a big deal.

But Republicans are out for blood in Michigan as new information comes out about Governor Whitmer’s trip to Florida.

It’s almost as if we have seen this story play out countless times across the nation.

A power hungry leftist locks down their state and cripples their constituents all while they personally leave the state to escape their own lockdowns.

And when they get caught, they just shrug it off as no big deal with no recourse and just continue on subjecting their state to unbearable harm.

Well, this story about Governor Whitmer may finally have a different and just ending.

Whitmer left Michigan on a private jet back in April for the sunny shores of Florida.

And all while her state was in one of the strictest lockdowns in the nation with travel outside the state highly discouraged.

But when she was caught, she just claimed it was a trip to take care of her father who had “ill-health.”

Come to find out her dad isn’t in as bad of shape as she claims since he was spotted strolling around town gleefully shopping and driving his Tesla.

And then it was discovered that her flight was given to her for free by a political non-profit.

As a result, Republicans in Michigan have finally found their fortitude and ability to question their leftist governor.

A Republican in Michigan’s House Oversight Committee sent a list of questions for Whitmer to answer about her free trip to sunny Florida. 

Rep. Steve Johnson sent 43 questions to the Governor’s office asking questions that could land Whitmer in some serious trouble, like whether or not she sought out a free trip as Governor.

It’s just amazing how much Michigan is willing to put up with from their tyrannical Governor.

Rather than taking a stand against her abuse of power many Republicans in Michigan just bowed down to her or just put on a show to make it seem like they were standing against her.

If Michiganders aren’t willing to take Whitmer’s lockdowns and double-standards then they are willing to live through the most tyrannical of leaders.


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