Republican Senator was silenced for posting one photo on Twitter

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Elon Musk still has work to do at Twitter.

The platform has become better with regard to free speech.

But a Republican Senator was silenced for posting one photo on Twitter.

Montana Senator Steve Daines has a bone to pick with Twitter.

Daines’s Twitter account was suspended because his profile picture showed him hunting with his wife.

Suspended for picture that supposedly violated “graphic content” policy

Daines was prompted to delete the profile picture in order to restore his account.

The picture supposedly violated Twitter’s “graphic content” policy.

The policy reads, “People use Twitter to show what’s happening in the world, often sharing images and videos as part of the conversation…Sometimes, this media can depict sensitive topics, including graphic content and adult nudity and sexual behavior. We recognize that some people may not want to be exposed to sensitive content, which is why we balance allowing people to share this type of media with helping people who want to avoid it to do so.”

A picture of antelope on a hunting trip was supposedly an exhibition of a “mutilated animal”

That’s a stretch beyond belief for many.

Daines took it in stride, joking, “My wife is a great shot. What can I say?”

However, a spokesperson for the National Republican Senatorial Committee was not as gracious, telling CNN, “This is insane. Twitter should immediately reverse this suspension.”

Musk has done good work exposing deep state and Big Tech corruption with the release of the Twitter Files, but the platform still has problems.

Musk is struggling to monetize the platform—which had an inflated valuation—because of targeted advertiser boycotts.

And he clearly is still working out what type of speech is permitted on the platform.

Having a small profile pic of a hunting trip does not fall outside the bounds of allowable discourse.

Big Tech has been on gun control kick lately.

YouTube began cracking down on gun content creators that post reviews of firearms and accessories, spurring them to move to competitor site Rumble.

It’s unclear if this is a policy that Musk endorses, or if it’s a remnant of Twitter 1.0.

Either way, users are calling for him to resolve the issue once and for all.

A sitting Senator of the United States should not have his public Twitter account suspended because of an innocuous hunting photo.

Musk pledged to fight the “woke mind virus,” as he put it, so he has built up some goodwill among conservatives and counter-narrative liberals, but neither he nor his platform are perfect.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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