Republican Senator put Nancy Pelosi to shame by calling out one problem in her district

Photo by Speaker Pelosi via Wikimedia public domain

Democratic leadership can get away with just about anything.

That goes double for Nancy Pelosi.

But one Republican Senator put Pelosi to shame by calling out this problem in her district.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi stepped down from leadership, but she announced that she was running for office again.

Pelosi said that her aim was selfless in nature, she was running to help other Democrats fundraise.

But whatever funds that have been sent to Pelosi’s district, have not made much of a dent.

And Iowa Senator Joni Ernst called out a federal building in San Francisco that has become a den of crime and drug use.

A $3 million “safe space”

Ernst wrote in letter to the General Services Administration, “The same day President Biden’s White House Chief of Staff called on agencies to return federal employees to their offices, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) advised hundreds of employees working at the Speaker Nancy Pelosi Federal Building in San Francisco to stop coming to the office ‘for the foreseeable future’ due to safety concerns with crime and violence outside.”

San Francisco has been beset with violence, theft, and public drug use thanks to pro-crime policies that put repeat criminals back on the streets and allow drug addicts and mentally infirm people to live in squalor in tent cities.

Ernst continued, “The General Services Administration (GSA), which manages the property, spent $3 million redesigning the building’s public plaza ‘in order to maximize its use by the community and employees.’ When the new plaza opened less than two years ago, GSA stated it would ‘create a new safe space for public gatherings and education.’ The exact opposite is occurring. The plaza is a dangerous, open-air drug market, with addicts shooting up, snorting, and smoking drugs in plain view. Drug users pass out on the public benches and used needles litter the ground. Overdosing is ‘a commonplace horror,’ with nearly 150 suspected overdoses— including more than 30 deaths—on the block surrounding the Federal Building reported in the first half of this year. Dozens of dealers show up daily, one of which opened fire with a gun near the building recently. While fencing has been put up, addicts and dealers still hang out around the plaza.”

Pelosi building sounds like its namesake

The “woke” religion of Progressivism has trapped the city in a death spiral because liberals refuse to acknowledge the pitfalls of their ideology.

Ernst added, “Ironically, the Nancy Pelosi Federal Building is instead a symbol of the way government doesn’t work, with offices and workplaces largely empty due to drug and crime problems resulting from the misguided policies of the state and city governments…The building’s namesake, former-Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has an office in the building, ‘raised concerns about the building’s tenant safety’ with the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of California.”

Pelosi herself knows the building is a hazard.

She will still probably find a way to blame Republicans for a building named after her.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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