Renowned professor dropped one epic truth bomb before quitting for this shocking reason

Academia has been completely taken over my ideological terrorists.

Far-Left ideas have spread and they are muscling out any dissenting views.

Now a renowned professor dropped an epic truth bomb before quitting for this shocking reason.

NYU Social Psychologist Jonathan Haidt has been one of the few voices in academia willing to speak out against “woke” insanity.

Woken up from woke ideologies 

Haidt was a leftist for much of his career until he finally read conservative and libertarian thinkers, which caused him to move to the center.

Now Professor Haidt is resigning from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) due to the organization being captured by the “woke” Left.

Haidt wrote in a letter, “I have been thinking a lot about fiduciary duty because my main professional association — the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) — recently asked me to violate my quasi-fiduciary duty to the truth. I was going to attend the annual conference in Atlanta next February to present some research with colleagues on a new and improved version of the Moral Foundations Questionnaire. I was surprised to learn about a new rule: In order to present research at the conference, all social psychologists are now required to submit a statement explaining ‘whether and how this submission advances the equity, inclusion, and anti-racism goals of SPSP.’ Our research proposal would be evaluated on older criteria of scientific merit, along with this new criterion.”

Many universities, companies, and organizations have demanded that members create a diversity, inclusivity, and equity (DIE) pledge.

For example, lecturers at universities might be required to submit a syllabus that reflects DIE goals.

Haidt refused to go along with the charade

Haidt continued, “These sorts of mandatory diversity statements have been proliferating across the academy in recent years. The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE), the Academic Freedom Alliance, and many professors have written about why they are immoral, inappropriate, and sometimes illegal. I’ll just add one additional concern: Most academic work has nothing to do with diversity, so these mandatory statements force many academics to betray their quasi-fiduciary duty to the truth by spinning, twisting, or otherwise inventing some tenuous connection to diversity. I refuse to do this, but I’ve never objected publicly.”

If people are wondering how society seemed to go mad, this is how it happened.

Far-Left ideologues took over academia and trained students to become activists.

Now the ideologues are not even being subtle about their demands.

More professors are going to have to stand up in order for this madness to go away.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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