Regime media competitor had the perfect response to left-wing propagandists

The Left no longer pretend to be in favor of free speech.

Power is the only principle they hold to.

And one regime media competitor had the perfect response to left-wing propagandists.

Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 scared the establishment to death.

They were stunned to see an outsider win the presidency, and he did so in large part by effectively using social media.

Since then, Democrats have worked tirelessly to rein in free speech platforms.

Cries of “hate speech” and “disinformation” were used to censor and banish voices that contradicted the establishment narrative.

Free speech alternatives to compromised regime platforms like Facebook and YouTube have sprung up, and establishment institutions are aggressively attempting to corral them.

Twitter competitor Rumble made that clear when they used a media outlet that tried to shame them into censorship.

The Globe and Mail, a Canadian newspaper, attempted to shame Rumble into booting RT from the platform for spreading war propaganda; apparently only Ukrainian propaganda is allowed.

The truth is that nobody knows exactly what’s going on in Ukraine since the country was invaded by Russia.

But that does not mean viewers should be barred from consuming information.

Joe Castaldo of Globe and Mail emailed Rumble, “I want to follow up to see if Rumble has any comment about RT’s account and content. I also spoke to a couple of sources who are critical of Rumble allowing RT on its platform: The CEO of the Center for Countering Digital Hate, a UK non-profit, said that Rumble is doing ‘Putin a big favour by hooking it sixers up to a steady drip feed of Kremlin lies and propaganda.’ Ahmed Al-Rawi, an assistant professor at Simon Fraser University who studies disinformation, said that Rumble will not moderate content because then it would not be profitable. He said Rumble’s business model relies on ‘fringe groups who disseminate conspiracy theories and disinformation under the pretext of freedom of expression.’ Again, I’m hoping you can comment. I’m aware Rumble posted a statement on its Twitter feed in early March when RT started livestreaming on the site, and I’m wondering if you have more to add since then. Please let me know.”

This is the pathetic game the Left plays.

They feign concern or curiosity over something a dissident voice said, then frame their question in a moral binary.

In this case, Globe and Mail cited two clearly biased sources—out of the infinite number they could have chosen—that presented the perspective that it was somehow unconscionable to have RT on the platform.

But Rumble didn’t take the bait; the company held strong to its free speech principles.

Rumble responded, “There is a reason the public has radically turned against both the corporate media (such as your outlet) and Big Tech: because you have arrogantly claimed for yourselves the power to decide for the public what information they can and cannot be trusted to hear and what views they can and cannot express. By stark contrast, the reason Rumble is growing so rapidly is because we trust adults to make decisions for themselves about what ideas they can express, and we trust them to make up their own minds after hearing all sides.”

Establishment outlets hate the fact that they have lost control of the narrative.

More than ever, news consumers are allowed to take in information and make their own informed decisions.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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