Records show Meghan Markle stole something that used to belong to Michelle Obama

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Former actress-turned Duchess Meghan Markle has been lambasted as a calculating ambitious manipulator.

That may be why D.C. insiders have long suspected the Duchess of Sussex has her eye on a political career.

And now records show Meghan Markle stole something that used to belong to Michelle Obama.

One line on Meghan Markle’s foundation spending report is seriously raising eyebrows within the Washington, D.C. establishment.

For years now rumors have been circulating that once she had tired from playing Princess over on the other side of the pond, former actress-come princess Meghan Markle began nursing some serious political ambitions.

Soon after moving to the United States Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry, took part in a private meeting with California Governor Gavin Newsom—an abundantly obvious White House resident wanna be—back in February 2021.

Later that year those rumors were boosted by her very public effort to lobby Republican Senators for paid family leave.

Now that chatter is being backed up by a sizable chunk of cold, hard cash dropped to access one formidable political insider.

According to financial records, Archwell Foundation, Meghan and Harry’s charity, paid Michelle Obama’s former Press Secretary $110,000 in 2021.

Once described as Obama’s “Censor-in-Chief, Katie McCormick Lelyveld has a history of hovering around Democrats who are running for President including past work for John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.

Meghan Markle locked in access to Michelle Obama’s “Censor-in-Chief”

The Sun obtained tax records showing the Lelyveld’s PR firm was paid the six-figure sum for “strategic support for social impact PR.”

No doubt, becoming the first female president in US history would have a massive impact on Meghan’s social standing.

Of course, if Meghan seriously wants to hit the campaign trail she’ll have to start putting in some serious hours.

Tax records also revealed that Meghan and Harry—who have regularly played up their work with Archwell—only spent an hour a week working that year.

And the $13 million the organization brought in from fundraising came from only two philanthropists.

If she’s seriously contemplating moving into the United States’ version of a palace, Meghan may soon discover it’s an undertaking far more difficult than becoming a princess in the 21st century.

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