Reality check hit for Clinton and censorship-loving CEO after he tried to punish red states

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There’s a growing trend of companies using their mite to cram Left-wing policies down Americans’ throats.

But reality is starting to smack them in the face.

And a reality check just hit this Clinton and censorship-loving CEO after he tried to punish red states.

One “woke” tech CEO could be pulling out of one city for a reason he should have seen coming

Marc Benioff, CEO of the cloud computing software company Salesforce, has had enough of crime and homelessness in San Francisco.

Benioff, a Hillary Clinton donor, is so fed up with the problem that he threatened to pull his Dreamforce conference from the city unless leadership rectifies the issue.

Benioff told The San Francisco Chronicle, “If this Dreamforce is impacted by the current situation with homelessness and drug use it may be the last Dreamforce” in San Francisco.

The Chronicle reported that Benioff’s comments came following “Salesforce’s $1 million donation to a Salvation Army program that aids homeless people,” the Chronicle stated, adding that “Benioff and his company previously poured money to support San Francisco’s 2018 Proposition C tax on major companies that now raises millions of dollars per year for homeless services.”

The statements from Benioff are eye-opening considering his commitment to Left-wing causes.

Salesforce CEO got a rude awakening after trying to punish red states for policies 

Benioff had previously threatened to pull Salesforce services from red states in opposition to them enacting conservative social policies.

The homelessness epidemic in San Francisco is a perfect example of failed Democrat bureaucracy.

San Francisco spends over $60,000 per homeless person in the city, yet the problem only gets worse.

The public officials in charge of addressing homelessness are making hundreds of thousands of dollars, so there is a perverse incentive to keep the problem going.

On top of that, pro-crime policies are also contributing to the loss of business in the city.

Department store Nordstrom has already left a prominent downtown location amid rampant crime in the area.

Drug stores like Walgreens are closing left and right thanks to the state’s lax shoplifting laws.

Theft under $950 has been reduced to a nonviolent misdemeanor, so it has effectively been decriminalized.

Stores instruct security guards and employees to let the thieves go, so people brazenly go into the stores and stroll out with bagfuls of stolen merchandise.

Benioff and other liberals disconnect their policies from the problems, but perhaps citizens are slowly waking up.

San Francisco recalled George Soros-backed prosecutor Chesa Boudin because of his radical decarceration agenda.

But the “progressive” ethos of the city remains.

Until citizens take a hard look at that, the decay will only get worse.

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