Rand Paul just put Big Tech on notice after he made this surprising announcement

Rand Paul has been one of Fauci’s most effective critics.

Big Tech wants to shut him down for repeatedly taking Fauci to the woodshed.

But Rand Paul just put Big Tech on notice after he made this surprising announcement.

Rand Paul is a no-holds-barred fighter who’s taken it to the COVID tyrants and hysteria gripping the country.

As a doctor he’s used science to poke holes in Fauci’s COVID lies, resulting in YouTube censoring him for calling out Fauci and questioning the effectiveness of cloth masks.

So Senator Paul made a shocking New Year’s resolution to battle the Big Tech censors and get the truth out about the pandemic.

Rand Paul announced he was quitting YouTube.

Paul stated, “Today I begin my exodus from Big Tech, starting with the worst censor of all, YouTube.”

“I will no longer post videos on YouTube unless it is to criticize them or announce that viewers can see my content on rumble.com,” he added.

Rumble is the fast growing free speech competitor to YouTube that President Trump, Steven Bannon and others have migrated to.

“Over the last year, YouTube has continued to wage its dangerous, anti-progress of science war against free speech, choosing to act in lockstep with government and ban videos posted by Dr. Paul that dared to contradict the government’s position,” his press release stated.

Paul encouraged those opposed to censorship to “shun the close-minded censors of Big Tech and take our ideas elsewhere.”

“About half of the public leans right. If we all took our messaging to outlets of free exchange, we could cripple Big Tech in a heartbeat. So, today I take my first step toward denying my content to Big Tech. Hopefully, other liberty lovers will follow,” he concluded.

With the move, Paul joins President Trump who joined Rumble after being banned elsewhere.

But the Kentucky Senator is the biggest politician to voluntarily walk away from Big Tech.

And his move could inspire other conservatives to break Big Tech’s stranglehold on the digital town square.  

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