Rand Paul just leveled Big Tech with this epic truth bomb

Rand Paul is fighting back against the tyranny being pushed on Americans.

The left wants nothing more than to silence him.

And he just leveled Big Tech with this epic truth bomb.

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned into one of the biggest political power grabs in history.

Big Tech worked hand-in-hand with the Left to censor anything that went against their narrative calling it “disinformation.”

The censorship of anything counter to the Fauci-led hysteria became one of Big Tech’s most ruthless efforts to silence the truth.

Rand Paul has been a leader in the fight against COVID insanity.

As a doctor, Paul has been using common sense and science against the tyrannical COVID restrictions.

Earlier, Paul posted a video to YouTube questioning the effectiveness of masks.

The censors at YouTube took the video down and banned his account for a week.

Paul took to Twitter and blasted the censors at YouTube.

He said, “Whoops! Cloth masks don’t really work?”

“Someone should inform the censors at YouTube,” he continued.

He posted a link to a study from the Cato Institute that concluded that masks weren’t effective against COVID.

He included the quote, “The best available evidence [randomized controlled studies have] largely failed to demonstrate mask effectiveness, particularly of cloth masks…”.

Paul after getting censored by YouTube began cross posting his videos at free speech video platform Rumble.

Paul’s attack comes as YouTube has been censoring critics of masking no matter their expertise.

Stanford Dr. Jay Bhattacharya who advised Ron DeSantis on COVID testified before Congress that YouTube deleted several of his videos saying no scientific studies back up the use of masks.

Despite the growing scientific evidence that masks don’t work the Left and Big Tech are holding onto them like religious totems.

It remains to be seen if Big Tech will ever see the light on allowing actual scientific evidence on their platforms. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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