Radical Congressman dropped jaws with this one line justifying Merrick Garland atrocities

Joe Biden’s DOJ is out of control.

He has weaponized them against his political enemies in unprecedented ways.

Now this Democrat Congressman has dropped jaws with his justification for Merrick Garland’s atrocities.

In his short tenure as Attorney General, Merrick Garland has already raided the home of a former President, and seized journalists’ phones and computers and pressured Big Tech companies to unlock their passwords.

And that may not even be the worst thing he did.

Garland also sicced the FBI on concerned parents who protested school board meetings.

And the Democrats are attempting to justify that unconscionable action by comparing those parents to the Capitol Hill rioters.

During a House Judiciary Committee meeting, Congressman Hank Johnson of Georgia said, “January 6 2021, will never be forgotten, an infamous day in American history. MAGA Republicans descended upon the Capitol, engaged in an insurrection…They occupied the Capitol. Five people were killed, hundreds injured, including hundreds of Capitol Hill police officers attacked and bludgeoned. It was a day that we’ll never forget…And people on the local level at affected school board meetings, they won’t forget the MAGA Republicans descending on their school board meetings after January 6. Like January 6, disrupting meetings…It was a ‘coordinated attack’ happening across the country. Americans won’t forget about it.”

So parents who wanted schools to remain open or were sick of feckless mask mandates or were disturbed by far-left propaganda curriculum were just like the rioters who stormed the Capitol.

That is truly insane, but this is an example of the Democrats attempting to broaden out the definition of “terrorist” or “insurrectionist” to include anyone that disagrees with the Left.

Johnson also tried to shield the White House from an obvious political hit by the FBI against protesting parents.

Johnson added, “School board members, teachers, administrators subjected to violence, threats of violence, harassment, intimidation and in response to that the National School Boards Association (NSBA) sent a letter to the Biden administration seeking federal help things had gotten so far out of hand…And by the way, there is not one scintilla of evidence, either direct or indirect that there was any coordination between the Biden administration and the National School Boards Association that caused that letter to be sent seeking federal assistance.”

This is a lie.

White House Senior Adviser Mary C. Wall had advanced knowledge of the NSBA letter and coordinated with the NSBA’s then-interim president.

The scandal spurred some school districts to pull out of the NSBA.

Also, Garland acted on the NSBA request almost immediately, which is rare considering members of Congress don’t even get that prompt of a response from the attorney general.

Johnson and the Democrats are attempting to label all of their opponents terrorists, including parents who show up at school board meetings.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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