Radical Biden nominee has one disturbing connection she wants to keep hidden

Joe Biden lied when he said he was going to be a moderate.

The Democrats have moved wildly to the Left, and he moved with them.

And a radical Biden nominee has one disturbing connection she wants to keep hidden.

For a so-called moderate, Joe Biden has nominated many radical leftists to executive branch positions.

The latest is Gigi Sohn, a nominee for a powerful FCC position.

The FCC will play a key role as the question of online censorship continues to grow, and Sohn is on record as being pro-censorship.

Sohn is also connected to a rabid left-wing transgender activist named Evan Greer, director of a leftist nonprofit named Fight for the Future.

Sohn appeared on Greer’s podcast during the debate on net neutrality in the Obama era.

At the time, Democrats argued that ending net neutrality would kill millions of Americans.

As always, their insane hysteria was unfounded.

Since then, Greer and Fight for the Future have turned to bullying to advance their leftiist agenda.

For example, Fight for the Future is funding billboard attack ads against moderate Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona to ram through Biden’s agenda.

They believe Sinema is movable with enough arm-twisting.

Sinema has become a constant target of the Left because she refuses to get on board with killing the filibuster or signing Biden’s Build Back Better socialist boondoggle.

In the past, Sohn called for the FCC to investigate the license of Sinclair Broadcast Group–a television station owner known for featuring news content and programming that promote conservative political positions.

Sohn also used to run an organization that called for One America News Network to be dropped from cable and satellite providers.

She openly favors censorship of right-wing and counter-narrative voices.

And this is the person Biden saw fit to nominate for the FCC.

In addition to Sohn, Biden has nominated a rogue’s gallery of far-leftists.

He appointed Kristen Clarke to the DOJ Civil Rights Division despite Clarke previously arguing that people who lack melanin are genetically inferior.

Biden also nominated Tracy Stone-Manning to the Bureau of Land Management, a woman who admitted to engaging in eco-terrorism.

And he tapped Saule Omarova for the Treasury Department, who studied at Moscow State at the height of the Cold War.  The Biden administration even blocked Omarova’s thesis about Karl Marx from being examined by the Senate Banking Committee–arguably violating the Senate’s ability to carry out the Constitutional duty to advise and consent.

Biden is no moderate.

He goes wherever the Democratic Party goes, and the Democrats have moved toward the fringes.

Open socialists are some of the most prominent people in the Democrat Party.

They’re multiplying within government thanks to politicians like Biden and that’s dangerous for the future of free speech in this country. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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